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GDPR 25-05-2018 : Are You Ready?

Webinar Recorded 27.04.2018

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, came into effect on 25th May 2018 but what does it mean to your business?

GDPR 25-05-2018 : Are You Ready?

Webinar Recorded 27.04.2018

About This Video

GDPR 25-05-2018: Are You Ready?

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which is due to come into effect on 25th May 2018 will create new obligations for businesses that process EU residents’ personal data and allows authorities to impose fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever is higher – for infringements.

Failure to comply with these new regulations could bring about serious issues for your business and be an unnecessary drain on your finances.

About This Webinar

HBP Group Commercial Director, Phil Denham, offers practical insights about implementing a data-centric security approach in line with these new regulations.

Our FREE to view recorded webinar will help you understand what’s necessary to comply with GDPR, but also how to improve your information security defenses, mitigate risks and reduce your compliance budget.

Key Topics

  • Why you must comply with the GDPR and the serious consequences of not doing so.
  • The GDPR’s direct effect on your business and the transition timelines.
  • The first steps in preparing for GDPR compliance.
  • The technical and organisational measures your business will need to adopt to comply with the Regulation.
  • Key recommendations and industry-recognised practices to help you achieve GDPR compliance.

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