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Complete Beginners’ Guide To Cyber Security

Webinar Recorded 27.06.2017

Cyber Security is fast becoming a talking point in business, with the realisation that it’s “When” you’ll be attacked, and no longer “If”.

Complete Beginners’ Guide To Cyber Security.

Webinar Recorded 27.06.2017

About This Video

Cyber Security: Emergency Webinar

In direct response to the well documented cyber attack with WannaCry on the NHS in May, Phil Denham sets out to discuss the reasons behind the proliferation of these more wide-spread attacks and propose an action plan to help prepare for and recover from the inevitable.

Sections Covered In This Webinar

This webinar aimed to educate about cyber security in general and discuss the necessary steps to design a personal action plan for the future.

  • What have we been seeing in these more recent attacks?
  • What’s ransomware & why is it so prolific in the circumstances of businesses being hacked?
  • What laws are coming in surrounding businesses being hacked and their responsibilities?
  • Why is this happening & why is it so difficult to police?
  • What’s being done – by GDPR, by the Government & by Private Business?
  • Physically, how does ransomware and other viruses get on to the business network despite investment in preventative technology such as anti-virus and firewalls?

Take-Aways From This Webinar

The biggest security risk in your business is your staff. Education is the key to keeping your business data safe. This webinar dissects the areas associated with a security breech and outlines a aspects to consider when making your action plan.

  • Network Configuration including updating the regularity of rotating password changes and the required complexity, backup solutions and backup procedures in place.
  • Equipment & Software including patching/updating operating systems and software throughout your business network and replacing old equipment as they become a security vulnerability.
  • Users including education on how to detect phishing emails and other threats, restricting access where necessary and enforcing security policies and procedures.

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