Microsoft Teams: Working From Home

Microsoft Teams: Working From Home – Free Online Workshop

With homeworking at an all time high we thought we’d share our knowledge of how best to use Microsoft Teams to connect your remote workforce together. On Monday 30th March, we’re running a free online workshop to help you get your Teams set up, understand its full capability and answer any questions you might have.

Teams brings your remote workforce together by allowing them to chat, collaborate, run online webinars and video conferencing. We know the positive impact using Teams can have on your workforce, that’s why we want to talk you through getting to grips with this Office 365 application.

The amazing news is even if you don’t have an Office 365 license, Teams has been made available free due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft is helping people stay connected for the next 6 months through the premium version of Teams.

Our webinar will cover the following:

  • Online Chat – How to chat and connect with your colleagues.
  • Online Calls – How to set up a voice call, video call and how to share your desktop screen.
  • Webinars/Online Conferences – How to run webinars and online meetings for your customers.
  • Team Set Up – How to use Teams to allow departments to work together and collaborate on tasks.

We’re going to follow up the workshop with a question and answer session where we invite you to discuss any queries on how you’ve been using Teams.

We hope that this workshop will help you to make the most of your Teams subscription and get your remote workers collaborating. It looks like these online tools are going to shape the way we work for the foreseeable future. Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365 said “We’re never going to go back to working the way that we did”.

So join our webinar and help prepare your business for this new online and remote way of working. If you have any questions about using Teams or setting up your licenses then please contact us on 01724 400 300 or visit our contact page.