Upgrading Your Business From Windows 7 To Windows 10

Windows 7 will reach end of life on Tuesday, 14th January 2020

After this date, a Windows 7 machine, will still work, but it will be completely unprotected, making your business vulnerable to threats and cyber-attacks.

As an IT Manager, you are responsible for handling your company’s vital upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
This article offers some specialist advice and guidance to help all IT managers tasked with this non-negotiable upgrade.


1. Timescale

You know the deadline for this is January 2020 (if you value your network security).

Firstly, check how many Windows 7 or XP machines are currently in use at your business. Who uses them? Someone who needs constant access to their computer or someone who barely uses it?

You want to minimise the risk of downtime on your system, but also any downtime on your colleagues’ productivity. How can you best schedule the required upgrades to avoid employees unable to do their jobs?

Depending on how many devices in need of replacing at your business, will you need to schedule the maintenance over weeks or months?


2. Budgeting

Once you know what you need and when you need it by, you must consider your budget. Have you accurately budgeted for a Windows 10 upgrade at your business in the amount of time that you have?

For an upgrade, implementation and setup with new 3rd party software, including new or additional licenses, costs will be around £1000 per machine. Have you discussed this with your company’s decision makers? Will you pay upfront or will you spread out the cost through financing?

It may sound astronomical, but the lifespan of a machine is usually three years anyway. You need to upgrade but think about what the best payment plan for your company will be.


3. Business Impact

Have you considered your 3rd party applications, such as ERP software or Design apps? What works on Windows 7 may not on Windows 10. Have you discussed this with your software vendors?

In addition to paying for a new solution, have you considered the amount of time it takes to research and decide upon a new application? How many applications will need substituting?
And once you have found the best fit for your business, how much new-user training will be required? Will it be for 5 employees or 50?


4. User Experience

As an IT Manager, you know the host of IT issues that occur hourly at a business.

Reduce the time wasted on trivial support requests and ensure that everyone has had the sufficient training they need to be the most productive they can be with Windows 10.

Can you provide this yourself, or do you need external support? Get this organised well in advance and keep your colleagues informed on all the changes.


Are you sick of the site of ‘?’ ? (sorry)

We know that this article has contained an unbearable amount of questions, questions directed at you, but we cannot stress enough how important it is that you consider these things.

1) Have I got the time?
2) How will I budget for it?
3) What else will change?
4) Will my colleagues cope?

The answer to all of this is YES.


By taking the time to consider all these crucial factors and speaking with us.

Whether you are an existing customer of Kamarin Computers or not, we can support you through this transition and make it as hassle-free, efficient and uncomplicated as possible.

We don’t just provide the kit; our team will work with you to plan the timescale, budget, training and ongoing support.

Talk to Kamarin Computers now to find out how we can help you.