Something Special About Sophos

In This Ever-Changing World That We Live In

Over the decades, The HBP Group (of which Kamarin are a part of) have become an award-winning, IT and software solutions reseller. While we take an immense amount of pride in our support services, as well as our bespoke and in-house-developed solutions, we will never simply rely on anything we’ve done in the past.

Why not – if we’re so proud?

Because the modern cyber and IT world is constantly evolving, therefore our perspectives and software solutions must also progress. Unfortunately, at work or in our personal lives, we are sometimes reminded of this in the most unfair ways.

For example, The WannaCry ransomware attack of May 2017, created world-wide panic when a cryptoworm targeted computers across 150 countries, that were running Microsoft Windows operating systems. The malicious software illegally encrypted data and then demanded a ransom fee for it back. This scandal has become a testament to the definitive requirement for cyber-security measures, and The HBP Group is devoted to implementing and supporting you with this.

Our Take

When it comes to the protection of our customers’ IT networks and data, our IT specialists at The HBP Group are dedicated to ensuring that their expertise and IT security skills are as relevant and pro-active as possible.

Cyber-attacks are the result of vicious, organised crime, and unfortunately it is extremely easy for those guilty of it to get away with it. Illegal software such as malware and ransomware have been developed to attack vulnerable computer systems with the intention of causing trauma, financial drain and jeopardising the personal data of individuals.

Cyber-attacks have the potential to ruin businesses and while the software and methods used during one are illegal, immoral and cruel, it is also highly technical and complex. Unfortunately, this means that if a system has fallen victim to a cyber-attack once, it is highly likely to happen again.

But while cyber criminals devote their time to financially crippling innocent organizations, our cyber-security team at HBP are devoting theirs to fight them and protect you!




Cue Sophos

The HBP Group are Platinum Partners of renowned IT and cyber-security company, Sophos.

As a business, Sophos tackle security issues and educate other institutions on cyber threats, as well as developing highly advanced antivirus and encryption software and unified threat management. To achieve our Platinum partnership level, we had to attain full certification in many separate facets of cyber-security – and maintain it. This involved continual investment in training for our own staff, but also continual investment (timewise) with Sophos.

We believe that Sophos’ approach to cyber-security within the extremely advanced and technical IT industry, makes them unique within this global field. HBP consider Sophos’ dedication to ensure that their customers do not feel overwhelmed by overly complex security systems, reflects our own approach. Like us at Kamarin, Sophos ‘tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence’, and because of this, our customers feel fully assured by our cyber-security solutions and support.

Currently, we have the most Sophos qualified engineers in the U.K. and we were the first Sophos Synchronised Security Accredited partner within Sophos’ solutions team. While, these achievements highlight the brilliance and hard-work of our engineers, and admittedly provide some great PR, HBP want more than this from this partnership.

Our Relationship

The foundation of The HBP Group and Sophos’ partnership is based upon our utter lack of interest in just being your average reseller. We could have chosen many other cyber-security vendors, but we chose Sophos as we could see they were a good fit for us, as we could grow together to provide our customers with the best-in-class cyber deterrents. We are passionate and driven about working alongside Sophos, to understand cyber-security and develop bespoke software to improve it.

Elle Hilton, the Channel Account Manager at Sophos, helps coordinate this relationship by maintaining regular contact between the companies and liaising between us when it comes to training days. Elle insists that “this is not a one-sided relationship”, both The HBP Group’s engineers and Sophos’ engineers engage in regular ‘Engineer Swap Days’, where the teams learn from one another and develop new strategies.

This unique arrangement will continue to benefit our customers – and that’s why we’re doing it. We have no doubt that with our shared commitment to this partnership and willingness to grow and learn will continue long into the future.

That said, our customers can rest assured that with The HBP Group, they’ll get access to the best-value cyber-security knowledge as we look to educate more and offer an ever stronger, more resilient protection through our products and services.