KCPOS Conquers The Challenges Of The UK Farm Attraction Industry

The Farm Attraction Industry is one of the most rapidly developing leisure sectors in the UK causing increasing customer demands and the intense pressure for each establishment to stand out against its competition.

Embracing A New Community And Their Challenges

In 2015, we discovered the National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN), a community offering support to over 250 farm attraction members. By attending NFAN’s annual conferences we were able to ascertain the requirements and challenges of their community.

Like most visitor sites, farm attractions are multidisciplinary due to the diverse range of outlets they offer on one site, such as admissions, gift shops, eateries, etc. Customers do not just expect a diverse array of entertainment when visiting an attraction as they also expect fast and efficient customer service.

So, one critical issue is managing the customer expectation of your site and service. But the other critical challenge is not just managing this, but utilising the information of your business’ activity to make better decisions to continually improve as a company. And ideally, exceed your customers’ expectations.

It was apparent that standard EPOS solutions and manual data processing was preventing these businesses from driving growth.

Kamarin’s Solution To Achieve This

In 2005, we released KCPOS, which is our own in-house developed EPOS solution, available, tailorable and scalable for all businesses and industries. KCPOS is unlike any other EPOS solution on the market today due to its powerful integration capabilities.

Through its software integration, KCPOS can link every till at a business by automating the synchronisation of sales data between each till, even in different locations and sites. Additionally, KCPOS can also link tills to stock control and online sales/bookings, seamlessly monitoring all activity at a business.

KCPOS At Farm Attractions

KCPOS Specialist Richard Wellham, who has been heavily involved in our relationship with NFAN and their members, has overseen multiple KCPOS installations at multiple farm attractions at the UK.

“Many attractions need to work more efficiently and maximise staff resource, KCPOS delivers management information and the tools with the revenue site wide and online accurately and efficiently,” says Richard.

Previously Lincolnshire’s Rand Farm, “had six cash registers with no integration with their accounts software or online ticket sales. This caused their management and decision-makers great difficulty when trying to analyse repeat visitors, stock control and sales performance across different outlets.”

“Now, Rand Farm can easily manage and report on ticket sales whether they are pre-booked online or walk up sales. Either way, the commissions process is completely sped up.”


Another farm attraction and NFAN member that KCPOS has recently been implemented at is Smithills Open Farm in Bolton. Because of NFAN, Smithills knew of the developments within the industry and the new demands from customers, especially regarding the online booking of tickets.

Carl Grimshaw, Smithills’ Operations Manager, says: “One of the major problems was the long queues at the main entrance, and our old system was struggling to keep up and cope with the demand.

Cashing-up at the end of the day and simple things like that were proving to be a difficult task.”

Since implementing KCPOS, Carl says: “All the staff have taken to the new system. They find it much easier and it’s much quicker. Us as management find it much easier to analyse the data, and to find out from the data exactly what we need to on a more regular basis.”

Is KCPOS The Future Of Your Business?

Rand Farm and Smithills Open Farm are just two examples of how perfect KCPOS is for farm and tourist attractions.

Richard Wellham adds: “We actively work with NFAN members, and we hope that our proven track record with them, encourages other farm attractions to seek our help and find out what they could achieve with KCPOS.”

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