Home Working Checklist

Are you ready to work from home?

Have you considered what would happen if you, or a significant number of people in your organisation would need to work from home? If not, we suggest taking some time to think about the following questions so that you’re as flexible as you need to be when it comes to remove working.

1) Who needs remote access?

  • Do they have a device they can use from home?
  • Do they have the required permissions to access your IT network from home?

2) What do they need to access?

  • Can they access email via a web browser, mobile device or via their home PC/laptop?
  • What files and folders do they need to access?
  • What business software do they need to access?

3) Is technology in place to allow remote working?

  • Have you got remote access to your IT and business software set up and do you have enough licences if more people than normal need it?
  • Are you using cloud software or file storage (SharePoint) for key documents or are things stored locally?

4) What will happen to phone calls?

  • If no-one can take calls in your office can people access the phone system remotely?
  • If calls are to be diverted to mobile phone, who do they need to go to?

5) Have you tested it?

  • Have people who don’t normally work remotely checked that they can get access to everything they need?
  • Have you checked that all staff who need to work remotely understand how to access everything they require?
  • Have you documented your plan and communicated it with your staff?

If the time has come to work from home, then you need to be confident that your organisation can carry on operating as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we strongly advise that you consider all the above points, come up with a plan, and test it.
If possible, allow staff who don’t normally work from home to do so as part of this test so you can ensure things work how you expect them to.

To discuss, or check, any of the points raised in this article please contact your account manager or get in touch with us.