5 Of The Best And Underused Features In Office 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 was released 10-years ago, and it was designed to drive efficiency and increase productivity in business environments.

A 12-year Microsoft Gold Partner, Kamarin Computers endorses Office 365, not just by using it internally, but it is one of the most popular packages that we supply and support.

However, even after 10-years, Office 365 users are still failing to achieve the most out of the solution by not exploring features outside of the email and Office Application functions.

To help Office 365 users streamline their processes and improve communication across their businesses, we have put together 5 features in your business needs to be using in Office 365 if it isn’t already.


1. Yammer

This is a business orientated social network, which operates very similarly to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Accessible remotely and via mobile, Yammer has proven to increase communications internally, and it is an efficient way to share business updates quickly, which is brilliant for multisite businesses.

We advise organisations who want to introduce Yammer to their company to:

• Plan a structure

• Outline rules & regulations

• Assign administrators

• Manage misuse

• Create groups for departments

• Encourage staff to use it


Yammer is ideal when you want to share business news, but you don’t want to cause your colleagues a distraction by emailing or phoning them while they’re working. It’s excellent for updates that don’t require an immediate response.

Your Yammer posts could include:

• Awards
• Anniversaries
• Recruitment
• Building Updates
• Traffic Updates

• Events
• Social & Charity Updates
• Product & Resource Updates
• Customer & Supplier Updates
• Positive Feedback

2. OneNote

Say goodbye to pen, paper and unreadable handwriting, thanks to OneNote. This is a digital notepad, explicitly designed to make your meetings, notetaking and follow-ups more productive and useful.

OneNote is an interactive platform that allows users to create shared Notepads for collaborative meetings and can link to other business applications reducing administration time. Link your notes to Calendars in outlook, create to do tasks in your diary straight from OneNote or simply annotate directly to text.


Be sure to plan your note structure, especially if multiple people have access to your notes and folders.

3. OneDrive / SharePoint

Both applications are file hosting and synchronisation platforms which integrate with Microsoft Office 365.

The main difference is SharePoint is web-based only, but both applications are perfect for collaborative, working documents.

Synchronisation in OneDrive and SharePoint works in real-time, keeping you and your team constantly updated.

Both applications can be accessed remotely, and they don’t take up any room on your network, which means they can potentially replace your company storage solutions.
Remember having shared folders for collaborative work and projects is incredibly useful, however, you need to consider and organise file structure seriously, or you’ll face complications.

Other than shared folders for working documents, think about shared access for general employee documents, such as; expenses, sickness or holiday.

4. Teams

Similar to OneDrive and SharePoint, Teams is a synchronised platform in Office 365, specifically designed for collaborative project planning.

With Skype For Business due to reach its end of life in 2020, the popular business platform will be incorporated within Teams.

Teams is accessible by users internal to your organisation and external to it, such as your customers and suppliers.

Teams offers your business the ability to create user groups for specific projects, update collaboratively and have that single simple repository for all required users to share information.

5. Power BI

This is a Business Intelligence application within Office 365 to aggregate data from multiple systems.

Power BI is an analytics tool and Cloud integration system that can identify gaps in your reporting.


Through its Dashboard format, Power BI’s reporting capabilities provide you with clear and real-time visibility on your business, encouraging you to make better quicker and more informed business decisions.

Get exploring in Office 365 now!

Hopefully, if you were unfamiliar with any of these applications at the beginning, you’ll try to use them and see why they are one of our top 5 features!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.