Kamarin Computers raises £3,000 In Charity Gameathon

Employees at Kamarin Computers have raised over £3,000 for two charities – in spite of having set their target at £500.

The money was raised through a 48-hour charity Gameathon, and will be split between stillbirth charity Sands UK and Women V Cancer.

Members of the company gave up their own time – and beds – to ensure the non-stop gaming over two days, for their first major fundraising event of the year. The Gameathon brought their entire company together as the work that the charities do has impacted many people at Kamarin Computers.

Under their fundraising strategy, each Director is required to organise an event during the year. Operations Director Tony Pearson, in the foreground of the picture, was responsible for the first one. He said: “A lot of our staff are already avid gamers, so I thought a fundraiser all about gaming would be a great way to get everyone involved. Our people are also really passionate about these charities, so asking them to donate their own time to fundraise was not an issue, everyone wanted to be involved in some way.”

Kamarin Computers felt confident about reaching the target before the gaming commenced. “However, once we began live-streaming the fundraiser via our Facebook page, we noticed the interaction intensified,” said Tony.

“The live-stream was to prove we were gaming for two days straight. I was amazed by the engagement it received, especially as it wasn’t wildly exciting to look at,” he added.

“We were doing something different, in terms of a fundraising event and bringing together people at the company who don’t usually work together. But the most important thing was that we were doing it for two incredible causes.”