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VisiSoft – Our Visitor & Tourist Attraction EPOS Solution

Multi-discipline solution for your whole attraction comprising of online ticketing, loyalty, gift shops, restaurants and bars.

Increase customer dwell times through greater insight and reporting

Boost monetisation opportunities over multiple platforms

Link to in-house, business or finance software and website/CRM/apps for greater visibility

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Overview of VisiSoft for visitor and tourist attractions

Built off the back of our successful EPOS brand KCPOS, VisiSoft specialises in visitor and tourist attraction EPOS & Ticketing. VisiSoft connects all of your kiosks, gift shops, restaurants, bars and websites to give you greater insight and reporting capabilities over all of your customer interaction points.

Combining advanced stock management solutions, queue busting functionality, loyalty solutions and easy-to-build promotions and group discount models, VisiSoft is the perfect fit visitor and tourist attraction business.

Designed to work over multiple sites, warehouses and locations, VisiSoft becomes the core of your business, unlocking key performance insight into your customers, your staff, your inventory and ultimately your profitability.

VisiSoft is designed to work with your business. It’s not just a point of sale, a stock management solution and admission or ticketing platform: VisiSoft fully integrates with your business management software, your website, apps or other 3rd party service and synchronises data over all systems to provide one complete solution.

Get in touch to speak with a specialist about how VisiSoft can revolutionise your visitor and tourist attraction business.

  • EPOS and management solution to fit visitor and tourist attractions perfectly
  • 360 degree customer view: buying habits, loyalty, interactions, seasonality and profitability
  • Admissions, box office, ticketing, gift aid, retail – and reporting from anywhere
Features of VisiSoft for visitor and tourist attractions

End-to-end Visitor & Tourist Attraction EPOS solution: Theme parks, museums, farm attractions, aquariums, forest activity centres, fun pools and lidos, caves, places of outstanding natural beauty and more

Multi-discipline – retail, hospitality, admissions, online ticketing and more

Customer insight with loyalty, CRM, stock forecasting and historic trend analysis

Easy to build seasonal promotions, quantity discounts and group pricing models over all points of sale

Create customer accounts on the till with integrated postcode look-up

Gift aid – Transaction based attribution of the registered charities tax reclamation scheme

Query stock quantities, locations and allocations over multiple warehouses live and on-demand

Report on everything from each till-user performance to any KPI your like – on-demand, on any device

Simple-to-setup special offers, group tickets and multi-buy discounts

Repeat, scheduled and forecasted ordering

Benefits of VisiSoft for visitor and tourist attractions

Increase your customer dwell times, user experience and average order spend through greater insight into your customer journey and historic interactions. See what your customers spend and when and where they it to offer customer-specific and season specific pricing, promotions and discounting

Efficiently forecast and predict user trends and seasonal shifts to ensure meeting fulfilment requirements, maintain necessary cash flow and arrange staffing to capitalise on busy periods

Up-sell and cross-sell with structured customer promotions to maximise and increase the average user spend and maximise seasonal downtimes

Build closer relationships with your suppliers and negotiate better prices through tighter profitability analysis, margin control and warehouse efficiency

Link to your website to increase customer retention, heighten your customer experience and expand your marketplace whilst maintaining all stock, customer and pricing information – all in one single synchronous system

Link your business software to your own app to increase monetisation opportunities, deepen brand engagement and promote higher return rates

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