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KC eCommerce Link – Integrate with your business software to reach your eCommerce potential

Simplify your business processes and capitalise on your selling power with KC eCommerce Link’s empowering data link technology.

Synchronise all your stock, sales & customer data from your website / platform / app

Link to all 3rd party services and sites

Save time, reduce human errors and increases your overall sales.

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KC eCommerce Link Overview

In the digital world, connecting and collaborating with other services, apps and platforms opens up a world of opportunities for your business. KC eCommerce Link is the best way of doing exactly that, collaborating your sales process and recording with the latest and great technologies available on the market.

Whether you’re developing an app for your shop, opening a brand new eCommerce website or just want to link with an industry specific service – KC eCommerce Link is the key to making the most of your business data. Whatever your online-business requirements may be, linking your in-house business software provides greater opportunities to raise profit and increase your customer service potential.

Unlock your business data with KC eCommerce Link and create a secure, seamless loop between your business software and your money making venture.

have a chat with our specialists and get your business connected to the global market with KC eCommerce Link.

  • Link your eCommerce website to your business software
  • Increase the visibility of data throughout multiple systems
  • Capitalise on simple and effective tools that empower your business
Features of KC eCommerce Link

Unlimited potential for integrating 3rd party systems with your in-house business software

Works natively with Sage 50, Sage 200, Advanced Exchequer, Pegasus Opera II, Pegasus Opera 3 and Access Dimensions

Synchronise currencies, VAT rates, customer/user data, customer special pricing, customer quantity break discounts, customer/stock discounts, stock records, stock categories, bill of materials components, stock locations and warehousing information, stock location quantities, bar coding information and order delivery statuses

Automated data transfer to 3rd party applications

Live links to Magento, OpenCart and more

Benefits of KC eCommerce Link

Access new markets, customers and business insight

Instantly update product, stock and customer data across multiple systems, providing a greater level of visibility of data across your business – on demand

Save time and reduce human error by automating the integration

Efficient stock control through one reference stock file, over any number of linked systems

Take advantage of 3rd party systems rather than paying for expensive bespoke software or customisation

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