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Email Signature Management Software

Over 75 million users worldwide trust Exclaimer email signature software to get total control over their corporate email signatures. Find out why you should trust us too!


Features of Exclaimer Email Signature Software

Create attractive email signature templates with HTML images and text.

Get consistent signatures with merged field data pulled from Active Directory/Google Directory.

Get high-quality signatures on all emails, even if they are sent from mobile devices and Macs.

Manage everyone’s signature from a central console to ensure the professionalism of your brand.

Design different signatures for different departments. A marketing team can showcase an event, while customer services get a signature with the company’s opening times.

Conveniently update every signature in your organization with a single click.

Signatures can include dynamic content such as social media icons, promotional banners, award logos and more.

Turn corporate email into a low-cost, high-volume marketing tool that will reach literally thousands of people daily.

Capture data on clicks in the signature and feed them to analytics or marketing automation software.

Ensure every message has the appropriate email disclaimer for legal compliance.

Exclaimer for Office 365

Do you find managing Office 365 signature tedious using Transport Rules? Well, you need a dedicated Office 365 signature service to help you.

Design professional signatures that are automatically added to every Office 365 email with Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365.

  • Get signatures on all devices when sending from Office 365, including on mobiles and Macs.
  • Control your Exclaimer Cloud experience via an easy-to-use web portal.
  • Select a design from the template library OR let Exclaimer create a custom signature for you.
  • All user contact details are taken from your Office 365 Directory.
  • Use different signature templates for individual users or various groups/departments.
  • Update any signature element and apply the changes instantly.
  • No unauthorized user can modify or redesign their signature.
  • Easily add promotional banners, social media and more.

Exclaimer for G Suite

Want to get more out of Gmail email signatures for your G Suite users? Create multiple organizational signatures with a dedicated G Suite signature service.

  • Every G Suite user gets an email signature when sending email from all email clients, on any web-enabled device.
  • Design and control all signatures through an intuitive web portal, designed for users of all technical abilities.
  • Create different email signatures for individuals, departments, domains or the whole organization.
  • All email signatures are automatically populated with users’ contact pulled from your Google directory.
  • Add dynamic elements such as promotional banners, social media icons and user photos.
  • Users will be able to see their signature whilst composing an email in the Gmail web client.

Exclaimer for Microsoft Exchange & Outlook

Want to make managing Exchange signatures across your organization easier?

Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition gives your users professional, consistent and legally compliant Exchange signatures across all devices.

  • Add signatures to all emails passing through Exchange, whether from an email client like Outlook or a mobile device.
  • Design the perfect Exchange signature with logos, marketing banners, social media links and more.
  • Get consistent signatures with auto-completed user details pulled from your Active Directory.
  • Ensure everyone has the same signature companywide, which no unauthorized user can modify.
  • Convert all plain-text email signatures into full HTML on all devices including smartphones and tablets.
  • Compatible with Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.