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Axis Companion – Video Surveillance

Axis Companion – Simple, Reliable & Secure

Maximise the security of your business through the reliability of network integrated video surveillance, providing you with ultimate visibility of your buildings, staff and assets.


This solution works both for single and multiple locations, and it scales to match your changing business needs.

Are you the owner of a small business who want to protect your staff, assets and premises? AXIS Companion is a professional solution developed with small businesses in mind, making sure it´s quality you can rely on but doesn´t require a huge budget.

AXIS Companion is a solution built around a software which allows you to view live or recorded video locally or remotely and even
on the move. Dedicated network cameras record video that can be stored on a recorder or SD card, depending on your needs. The video can easily be shared.

There are different situations when video surveillance can be extra useful:

General surveillance for identifying people and objects

Monitoring outdoor premises day and night

Detect incidents indoors after hours

Features & Benefits

Your business keeps you busy, so protect it with a network video solution that can keep up.

Feel confident that your business is in complete control with a customized solution including high quality IP cameras, affordable recording solutions and free software. View live or recorded video through a free mobile app locally or on the move!

Real-Time Monitoring

Network-based, high quality video surveillance on-demand. HDTV 1080p video quality with intelligent light handling and Infra-Red illumination as standard for the best-quality visuals in any setup.

Remote Access

Network-configured and integrated solution, accessible from anywhere at any time for the ultimate of ease of management and visibility. Different user-roles define access clearance for simplified administration.

Crime Deterrent &Insurance Premium Reduction

That’s right – adding video surveillance or CCTV acts as such a strong crime deterrent that some insurers offer a reduction in premiums. Immediately reduce the risk of burglary and vehicle theft outside your premises, plus reduce the risk of internal theft and vandalism.

Tailorable & Customisable

Axis Companion supports up to 16 cameras per management device with over a month’s worth of HD recording. A whole host of different recording devices are available for specific uses including vandal-resistant outdoor cameras, 360° panoramic cameras and video doorbells.


3 Components for a Simple Video Surveillance Solution


PC-client and mobile app options with remote access and intuitive interface


Compact, fanless design with options to cover 1 – 2 months of storage.


IP cameras with different form factors to cover typical surveillance needs.