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IT Support Leicester - Helpdesk Engineer on the Phone to a Customer

SME IT Support, From a Microsoft® Gold Partner, in Leicester

With its vast diversity of businesses and attractions, Leicester has the second largest economy in the East Midlands, offering prosperous opportunities for companies to thrive in the city.

Prominent industries operating in Leicester include the engineering, retail and hospitality trades, with their heritage sites and rail networks also encouraging high tourism.

It is a bustling city full of potential customers and business prospects, so what could stop a business in Leicester achieving maximum growth and profitability?

Having worked with businesses in Leicester for nearly 40-years, Kamarin Computers has a proven theory as to what underpins the success of a business, and more specifically what enhances your productivity, communication and decision making.

Kamarin Computers believe that the strength of your IT network underpins your business’s success.

Now, there are several factors to consider when we define ‘strength’ regarding your IT network and infrastructure.

Of course, quality kit is essential, but have you considered the importance of the support that you receive from your IT provider?

IT support & managed IT support services

For Kamarin Computers, the strength of your business is in underpinned by your IT network, but the strength of your IT network is underpinned by your IT support provider.

Service Helpdesk

Our Microsoft qualified service desk engineers will provide you with the most efficient customer service possible. Whatever your support requirement or enquiry, our service desk support team is easily available via telephone, email or our exclusive customer portal, which allows you to log and track the progress of your support enquiries.

Service Level Agreement

We wouldn’t be able to advocate the importance of your business’s IT, without also stressing the vitality of minimising the risk of any downtime on your network. Due to this, we offer all our support customers an SLA of a 1-hour response time and an 8-hour fix time, with any critical issues being escalated and our management team notified. Currently, our SLA averages at a 10-minute response time and a 16-minute fix time.

Remote Support

Although we take great pride in our team’s efficient fix-times and technical abilities, Kamarin Computers believe that prevention is better than a cure. We offer our customers 24/7 Remote Monitoring Service, which is the continuous analysis of your network’s performance, disk space, security measures and applications. From Kamarin’s site, our team can use this real-time information and take immediate action should there be a pending threat to your network’s performance or security.

Proactive Essential Maintenance (PEM)

This is regular onsite maintenance carried out on your network by our IT Field Engineers. To reduce disruption at your work and on your team, we schedule our engineers to come onsite, at your convenience to perform system-wide maintenance, updates and patching. PEM reduces the threat of downtime and ensures that your IT system is always running at optimum level.

Disaster Recovery

On a day-to-day basis, our managed IT support services focus on any enquiries our customers have, delivering premium support onsite or offsite, training or updates on the latest industry changes. Despite the likelihood of a real disaster affecting your business’s IT network being slim, Kamarin Computers’ Disaster Recovery specialists are ready. We recommend all our customers have a ‘Business Continuity Plan’ in the event of a disaster, i.e. flooding, fire, damage or theft. With a structured and tailored Disaster Recovery Plan we can protect your business from the fatality that a disaster threatens you with. Methods of this include a full data backup and providing an alternative working space for your team.

Cyber Essentials

As we are Cyber Essentials accredited, Kamarin Computers is endorsed by the UK government for our cyber and data security defences, as well as the support and solutions that we provide our customers. We are also a Cyber Essentials awarding body, which means as well as creating your business the best cybersecurity defences, we can also officially accredit you for it too.

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Kamarin Computers understand that no two businesses are the same, so neither are your IT requirements. We take the time to get to know your business and values to create you an infrastructure that will enhance your growth and help you achieve your goals.