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Cyber security is an essential part to any business’s IT Network

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Leading IT Support Company for Huntingdon SMEs

For nearly 40-years, Kamarin Computers has been supporting businesses in the Huntingdon and East Anglian area with their IT networks and support.

Cambridgeshire-based ourselves, we understand the IT and support requirements of businesses in Huntingdon who want to use their infrastructure to enhance their productivity and profitability.

At Kamarin Computers, we believe that the strength of your IT network underpins the success of your business. However, one size does not fit all. Therefore, our specialists take the time to get to know your business and ascertain what your unique values and business goals are.

Choosing an IT provider is one of the most significant business decisions you will ever make. It is not an investment that you will make lightly, and neither will we.

What Makes Kamarin Computers the Best IT Support Provider in Huntingdon

When choosing Kamarin Computers to provide and support your IT, you are trusting us to do everything we can to fulfil your business’s ambitions.

Customer Service

Delivering the best customer service possible is embedded in everything we do at Kamarin Computers. Customer-facing or not, whether you’re making an enquiry or we are carrying out work at your site, we will always resolve your needs with efficiency, courtesy and thoroughness. Currently, Kamarin Computers has a 99% customer satisfaction rate and 98% customer retention. All our clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all enquiries and project work. Our engineers and support team are all Microsoft qualified.

Service Level Agreement

We believe that any company’s greatest asset is the productivity of their staff and that their IT network is responsible for this. So Kamarin Computers understands that when issues do arise with your business’s IT, you need them resolved as soon as possible. Due to this, our First Line and Second Line Support Engineers on our Service Desk comply with our SLA of a one-hour maximum response time to all enquiries and an aim to fix an issue within eight-hours of it being reported. Currently, this averages at a ten-minute response time and sixteen-minute fix time. Any critical issues with estimated fix-times that will exceed our SLA will be escalated to our Third Line Support Team and management will be notified.


We are a 12-year Microsoft Gold Partner, which we have retained through our high standards of customer service and our technical support engineers’ continuation to pass Microsoft examinations. World-renowned cybersecurity vendors, Sophos have accredited us with Platinum Partnership status thanks to our cybersecurity expertise, practices and services. HP has also named Kamarin Computers as a Preferred Partner, as they consider us as one of their most qualified and trusted resellers.

Proactive Essential Maintenance (PEM)

Sometimes when you require support with your IT, it will be obvious, like replacing kit or receiving training. When you know you require IT support, getting it from your provider should be straightforward and hassle-free, but what about when you need support and don’t realise? PEM as a support service, ensures that your network is never left vulnerable to silent or invisible threats, through the constant monitoring of its activity. Maintenance is carried out through Remote Monitoring and regular onsite physical checks, and if any essential work is identified, it will be actioned immediately.

Disaster Recovery

We hope that a customer of Kamarin Computers never has to experience a circumstance that causes network and productivity downtime, e.g. flooding, fire, theft, cybercrime or damage to their IT systems. Unfortunately, these disasters do happen, and we insist that our customers be prepared for the worst-case scenario and invest in Disaster Recovery. This is a future-proof plan of action that will minimise downtime and loss of earnings, should a disaster at your business render your system unusable for any amount of time.
If your systems were down for a full day, how much would it cost you?
Avg. Wage (£) x Total Staff x Working Hours in a Day (Hours) = Loss of Profit (£)

Cyber Essentials

As an accreditation, Cyber Essentials is proof that the U.K Government has endorsed your business’s approach to cybersecurity and data protection. Kamarin is not only Cyber Essentials certified, but we are also an awarding body; therefore, as well as designing your company the most robust security solutions, we can also endorse you for it too.

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Why Choose Us For Your IT Support


1-Hour Response Time, 8-Hour Fix-Time


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Customer Satisfaction Rate

Awards, Accreditations & Partnerships

  • 12-year+ Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Sophos Platinum Partner
  • Avaya Partner
  • Sage Partner
  • Advanced
  • Advanced Most Added Value Award
  • Pegasus Partner
  • HP Preferred Partner
  • Cyber Essentials

Kamarin Computers understand that no two businesses are the same, so neither are your IT requirements. We take the time to get to know your business and values to create you an infrastructure that will enhance your growth and help you achieve your goals.