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Kick-Off The New Year With Free Training & Best-Practice Advice For Your Software & Services.

We are hosting a ‘Week of Webinars’ this January to help inspire your new years’ resolutions. These webinars are designed to shake off those January blues and help you get the most out of your IT, Software and KC product solutions.

About The Webinars:

Conducted by extremely knowledgeable hosts from HBP, Kamarin and our suppliers, this Week Of Webinars will give all of our customers something that will benefit them in the year ahead.

"We'll be covering Exchequer Mobile - the brand new solution for Exchequer customers, Understanding The Benefits of Integrated Stock Management with KC Smart Stock and show new ways to streamline manufacturing with Advanced Business Cloud Essentials and Discovering Our Easy Steps to Centralising Manufacturing Business Management. For Pegasus users, we'll be showing your how to Revamp Your Reports in with XRL, how to protect your business data with WatchGuard and Two Factor Authentication - Passwords Are Not Enough, then finally I'll take your through Office 365, and some of the lesser known products to boost productivity and collaboration company-wide with Are You Getting The Most From Your Subscription?".

Phil Denham - Commercial Director for HBP & Kamarin

Key Topics:

  • Streamlining, simplifying and speeding-up business workflows.
  • Automating regular tasks where possible.
  • Asking the right questions about your business data to get the right insight.
  • Company-wide collaboration to bring about change.
  • Making decision making easier.
  • Keeping-up with cyber security trends and developments that threaten all businesses.
  • Stock management best practice.
  • Much, much more...

Recorded – Tuesday 14th Jan 2020 @ 10:00

KC Smart Stock: The Benefits Of Integrated Stock Management

Join us this new year for an interactive demonstration of our leading integrated stock management solution: KC Smart Stock.
  • The Integration Principal: Multiple Systems, 1 Dataset
  • The Key To Key Decisions: How To Make More Informed Business Decisions
  • The Daily Grind: The Standard Feature Set of KC Smart Stock & How It Compares
  • The 5 Steps To Smarter Stock Control
  • Link Further, Integrate More: Other Extensions & End Points

Recorded – Tuesday 14th Jan 2020 @ 14:00

Office 365: Are You Getting The Most From Your Subscription?

Microsoft Office 365 was engineered to drive efficiency and collaboration in business, but many users are yet to comprehend their full potential with the solution.
Join us this new year for a look beyond the standard software packages in Microsoft Office 365 and understand how you can leverage solutions such as Yammer, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Power BI – especially as many of them could well be included in your current subscription!
We will talk about how each of these solutions can be used by businesses and provide some best practice guidance on launching them and using them effectively.

Recorded – Wednesday 15th Jan 2020 @ 10:00

Advanced Business Cloud Essentials: Easy Steps to Centralising Manufacturing Business Management

Advanced Business Cloud Essentials offers the right-first-time solution that will evolve with the manufacturing industry. Make it your new year’s resolution to discover the endless benefits to manufacturing companies who want to increase efficiency without an increase in expense allowing you to meet customer expectations without constant fire fighting.
  • Increase your manufacturing efficiency without increased expense.
  • Discover the cloud based software revolutionising the manufacturing industry.
  • ABCE allows you to pull, compare and report on real time data.

Recorded – Wednesday 15th Jan 2020 @ 14:00

Pegasus XRL Basics: Revamp Your Reporting Skills Using XRL

Spent the last year thinking about revamping your Pegasus reports? Well make it your new years’ resolution to make it happen.
  • Discover how to maximise your reporting capability with Pegasus XRL.
  • Are you getting the most out of your Pegasus XRL reports? Ensure maximum visibility of your data with our webinar.

Recorded – Thursday 16th Jan 2020 @ 10:00

Watchguard: Two Factor Authentication – Passwords Are Not Enough

WatchGuard presents their two factor authentication webinar to help keep your business protected this new year.
  • Passwords no longer provide the security your business needs. Protect your business data with two factor authentication.
  • Is your business secure? Two factor authentication provides additional security from mobile devices.

Recorded – Thursday 16th Jan 2020 @ 14:00

Advanced Exchequer: Introducing Exchequer Mobile

Kick off the new year with a new add on product from Exchequer. Exchequer Mobile is the latest release from Advanced allowing your team to self serve information anytime, anywhere.
  • Give your team flexibility to self serve anytime, anywhere.
  • Allows you to easy access to customer and supplier information, stock information, transactions and expenses.
  • Brought to you in an easy to use intuitive browser and/or mobile app.