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Microsoft Teams: Working From Home Workshop.

As part of our productivity series of webinars, join our team of experts on 30th March 2020 to get an overview of the basic usage of Microsoft Teams for new home workers.

About The Webinar:

An hour-long workshop to cover the basic usage of Microsoft Teams with an expert Q&A session for any queries you have as a home worker.

With home working at an all-time high, the usage of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed. We want to share our guidance and tips on how to use the core functionality of the software.

This will be followed by an open Question and Answer session. You will be invited to discuss any queries about how you've been using Teams so far as well as what else you would like to do with it.

Key Topics:

  • How to chat with colleagues.
  • How to set up a voice call, video call and how to share your desktop.
  • How to run webinars and online meetings for your customers.
  • How to use Teams to allow departments to work together and collaborate on tasks.

Qs & As From The Webinar

In Teams Chat, do you have to add people to your contacts?

No –
If you open a new chat, or want to add people to a chat, you can just search for their name. They don’t have to be in your contacts, the system will search users that match your query and you can add them directly through the chat interface.

If you do a Live Event, can you disable text chat?

No –
Chat is disabled by default to “viewers” when broadcasting a Live Event. There’s still the chat facility between “presenters” and “producers” but this is not broadcast to “viewers” as it’s the primary communications channel that’s not voice at the time of broadcast.

In the whiteboard, can you draw over images or PDFs?

Yes –
You can import images or PDFs to draw over the top or interact with in some way.

Can multiple people work on the same file at once, on the files located in Teams?

Yes –
Files created and located in Teams are setup for collaboration, the same as Office-online Word documents and Excel documents. All the Office base file formats are setup for online collaboration via Office 365 or Teams.

Can you have multiple video feeds during the video chat in Teams?

Yes –
Currently, Team will show up to 4 concurrent video feeds, but will allow for meetings with many more attendees. They way it works is that the attendee speaking is prioritised and shown to the audience when there are more than 4 concurrent connections. Ideally you need to work with best practice and etiquette for many-to-many video conferencing so you’re not all talking over each, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. We recommend that you assign a meeting lead or controller, similarly to how you’d run a standard offline meeting.

Can you buy a fixed telephone number from Microsoft for use with Teams?

Yes –
This is a chargeable add-on available from Microsoft, but you are provided with a fixed phone number that will connect directly to your Teams account.

Is there something I can state or show in Outlook to show that I'm contactable through Teams?

Yes –
Your teams contact is bound to your email address, so in the simplest way, you can update your email footer to show that your are using Teams, and state that you prefer to be contacted through it.

How can I turn-on and manage notifications for Teams?

Yes –
There is a section the settings (in the cog to the top right of the screen) to do with notifications and how they are managed.

Can you download Teams on your phone?

Yes –
Not only can you get all the same functionality regarding the collaboration tools, but on your phone, Teams links in with the native phone dialer, so it acts the same as a phone call when making or receiving calls.

What's the difference between Teams Video Calls and Skype?

There is no difference really –
Skype For Business will be end-of-lifed by Microsoft with regards to not allowing any new users to register for the service. The video functionality in Teams is the same technology as Skype and is built on the same platform, however allows for much more functionality and collaboration.

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