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Free 1hr Webinar: Microsoft Teams – Admin Settings & Options.

In this session we’ll run through the settings and options within the admin console that controls Microsoft Teams.

About The Webinar:

A huge number of businesses have embraced the use of Microsoft Teams recently and it has become the centrepiece of communication for many home workers, so in this session we're going to cover the settings and options available to organisations.

Based on Q&As from previous webinars we'll cover how standard Microsoft Teams installs are typically set up and how to customise them to fit specific requirements.

Aimed at both IT Managers/Administrators as well as Managers/Directors, this session aims to educate attendees on what they can and can't do within Microsoft Teams so it can work as effectively as possible.

Whether you administer your own Microsoft Teams software, or you have an IT company like us to do it for you, this webinar will show you the full range of options available.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to the Microsoft Teams Administration console.
  • Typical set-ups and customisations for efficiency and effective team management.
  • Overview of the settings and options available and what they mean.
  • Open Q&A session.

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