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I’ll Show You How To
Make Your Stock Work For You!

Your stock management is crucial to your business yet often seen as a chore and overlooked as a means of making money and growing your business. Accurately analysing your inventory, performing stock takes and getting true visibility from your warehouses and stock locations can be time-consuming and resource intensive. We all know that it could be done better – and this webinar will show you 5 simple steps that you can implement now to make your stock work harder for you.

There Is So Much Lost Revenue In Historic & Manual Stock Management – There Has To Be A Better Way?

George Smith, the Managing Director Kamarin Computers (Part of the HBP Group) will highlight issues and hidden costs in standard stock management, then take you step-by-step through 5 items that you can implement now to revolutionise your stock control and make more money.

Current Issues With Stock Control In The Real World:

  • 6% of SMBs don’t track inventory or do it manually.
  • Admin, paperwork and human errors account for 25% of shrinkage.
  • In 2017 Tesco dumped nearly 60k tonnes of food.
  • In the US, Retailers retain $1.43 of inventory for event £1 in sales.

Key Topics:

  • How mixing-up your stock counts gives assurance over your stock levels whilst also identifying control issues.
  • How blind stock counting improves accuracy and eliminate the risk of bias from you counters.
  • How Three-Way-Matching your Purchase Orders, Goods Received Notes and Purchase Invoices eliminates stock discrepancies and mistakes.
  • How digitising your stock with barcodes vastly improves speed and efficiency.
  • How integrating your stock management with your in-house business software gives true transparency on-demand and makes your entire business more agile.

The webinar has been pre-recorded for you to watch at your leisure. It’s 45 minutes long and you’re required to login to GoToWebinar to view it.

If you have any questions relating to the webinar – please get in touch.

About The Presenter

As a qualified Chartered Accountant, George Smith understands that visibility and accuracy are the most influential drivers in making informed business decisions. Cutting his teeth with KPMG – one of the big four accounts auditors – George knows exactly what business owners and decision makers like yourselves want to see, but more importantly, how time consuming and resource intensive “doing your books” can be. Therefore he’s offering knowledge, insight and solutions to make your business more profitable through changing the way your work – to work smarter.

George is the MD of Kamarin Computers, a specialist software development house based in Peterborough. For the past decade, Kamarin have been developing an EPOS solution designed to revolutionise the way businesses process orders and transactions by integrating it into their other systems. George is passionate about the benefits of integrating all your business systems, and as a young MD he wants to show you how you can benefit too.

About Kamarin Computers

Kamarin Computers have worked with stock management and finance solutions since the 80’s. They have helped countless businesses overcome issues with their EPOS systems by providing integrated solutions to automate and streamline their requirements.

Watch The Webinar Now

This is a new webinar that George has put together to highlight issues faced by many of his customers – in response to their difficulties to increase the awareness that there is a better way.

Watch now to see how to make your stock work for you.