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IT & Information Security Frameworks

Making Your Cyber Defences Even Stronger

No all cyber security is the same – which is why we’d strongly suggest you explore what’s offered by Kamarin Computers’ Security Framework.

Businesses which take the security of their systems and data so seriously that they want more than ‘standard’ rely on our Security Framework goes beyond the levels of protection offered by ‘off the shelf’ security solutions, at levels designed to fit your business.

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IT Security Framework - Keeping Your Business and Staff Safe

Installing the right security software is an important first step, but the way it’s set up and maintained is important too. Get those elements wrong, and you could still be left vulnerable to attack. Our Framework guarantees that your network is set up correctly, that you have policies in place to make your cyber security effective, and staff are trained to understand their role in keeping gthe company safe.

We also include business continuity planning, which is the creation of systems to keep a company up and running in the event of the unexpected happening, with no loss of business, data, or reputation in the marketplace.

IT Security Framework Defined

The weakest link in every company’s cyber security system is usually its employees. Setting up an IT & Information Security Framework is the foundation on which a business IT & Information Security Policy can be built, focussing the mind of employees on their role in keeping the company safe.

The existence of a business-wide policy, and the understanding that it must be adhered to, creates a fundamental commitment to working in a particular way and all levels of the business. In effect, it make cyber security a controllable management task just like health and safety, environmental performance, and the holiday rota.

An effective Policy in your workplace will help protect against data theft, cybercrime, and loss of time and money through IT Security failures.

Our Security Framework Options



Our default minimum level. Kamarin Computers’ engineers will install your IT solutions to this level of security – even if you don’t request it.



The next level. Building on the Standard package, the ‘Advanced’ option offers much stronger protection, and includes accreditation to Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.



Our most secure option, and involves building bespoke systems to ensure achievement of specific industry or other certification.

Why You Should Adopt Our IT Security Framework

A Security Framework from Kamarin Computers protects your network from data theft and unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks, and technologies.

Bolstering that with a company-wide IT Security policy gives robust management control over people, processes and technology. ‘Laying down the rules’ helps organisations to be defended defend against highly-organised attacks and the internal threats as innocent as human error.

A conversation with our Cyber Security Consultants will help your to develop and implement cyber security to a standard appropriate to your current and future business operations – securing your business and its data now and for years to come.

Cyber Security Case Study

I would absolutely recommend Kamarin to other businesses looking for an IT provider that takes the time to understand what you want, understand your business and comes up with solutions that work for you.

Ashley Gamble, CCLG

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