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Sophos Endpoint

Next-Gen Threat Prevention

Keeping security simple: Sophos Endpoint protects all your devices with one programme.

Key Differentiators:

Sophos Endpoint

Next-Gen Threat PreventionKey Differntiators:

All Devices



All Devices

Extensive Features


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Protect All Your Business’ PC’s Laptops & Tablets From The Constant Threat Of Cybercrime

Sophos Endpoint is a new approach to protection. Using a revolutionary new solution, Endpoint blocks malware and infections based upon suspicious behaviours and known techniques rather than identifying unique virus signatures.

This means that Endpoint will always be one step ahead of the developments and adaptations of the Cybercrime industry and is equipped to catch all incoming threats to your business.

Sophos Endpoint offers complete control over your security infrastructure with seamless integration to the Endpoint Agent and Management Consoles allowing you to filter and block websites and applications both on and off your corporate network with ease.

Automated threat discovery, investigation & response.

Quick & easy deployment from the cloud or on premises.

Point-&-click configuration or advanced features and device control.

Automated threat discovery, investigation and response.

Quick and easy deployment from the cloud or on premises.

Point-&-click configuration or advanced features and device control


Sophisticated threat removal features also mean that the moment Endpoint detects something malicious in your system it will be removed and destroyed, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that Sophos have your system secured.

Features & Benefits Of Sophos Endpoint

Sophos Endpoint has a host of security features and administration controls help protect your business network with the next-generation of cyber-security threat prevention.

Sophos Endpoint - Extended Features List

Anti-virus has moved on and diversified into many other areas and now comes under many different names. Sophos Endpoint has all the features that you’d expect from an enterprise-class endpoint protection product including anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-exploit benefits.

Being constantly developed and updated, Sophos Endpoint utilises revolutionary threat-detection technology and will continue to evolve to protect your business networks – PC’s, Laptops, Tablet & Phones – effectively.

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Got A Question?

Would you prefer to chat to someone about your options and how Sophos Endpoint can benefit your company?

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Looking To Take Your Business’ Cyber-Security Seriously?

Proactive monitoring, business-wide policies, education &  methodologies
plus Cyber Essentials accreditation with our IT & Information Security Frameworks:

Lock-down access to sensitive data.

Company-wide framework & education.

Government & ISO Accreditations.

Upto £50M Turonver.

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Download the Sophos Endpoint Datasheet

Sophisticated, yet simple security for your desktop environment. Sophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks.

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