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Why Cyber Attacks Could Destroy Your Business

Cyber-crime is arguably the world’s largest growth industry – and you could be under attack from it at this very moment. Thieves try to steal data on an industrial scale – and if you’re a victim the average cost of getting back to normal is whopping £560,000.

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Cyber Security Solutions and Monitoring - Kamarin Computers

That’s beyond many victims, so they simply go to the wall, taking livelihoods with them. But all that damage can be prevented. Kamarin Computers has won awards for our expertise in IT security, and we’re ready to share our knowledge with you, your customers, and your suppliers to keep the cyber attackers at bay.

Cyber Security Explained

‘Cyber security’ is the generic name for a series of elements that add vital layers of protection to prevent hackers reaching into companies’ IT networks. We can supply intrusion prevention technology that provides real-time protection against all network threats, as well as providing the latest and most advanced filtering systems and anti-spam systems direct from our privately-owned duel data centres.

If you decide against implementing the right security, you may eventually need a full disaster recovery solution. We can supply that too, but prevention is always better than cure.

The Solutions

Intrusion Detection

By monitoring network traffic in real time we can highlight vulnerabilities and detect would-be intruders.


Firewalls expose hidden risks, stop unknown threats and isolate infected systems to prevent spread of infection.


Anti-virus scanning using predictive artificial intelligence prevents sophisticated malware and ransomware from getting into your network.

Anti-Spam – No Phishing

We can block phishing imposters and protect employees from attacks through fraudulent email addresses impersonating trusted contacts.

Business Level Wi-Fi

By providing separate guest logins and restricting access to undesirable websites, we reduce the overall risk from illicit use of your Wi-Fi.


Encrypting files not only makes you GDPR compliant, but protects your vital data from potential hackers, or if one of your devices should be lost.

Off-Site Back-Ups

Keeping copies of your data in secondary locations, such as on the cloud or our servers, means lost data can quickly be reinstalled if a disaster strikes, or you suffer accidental error or a system crash.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of an unpredictable event, your company’s critical functions can be restored and be up and running with minimal disruption.

Operate Without Downtime - Business Continuity Planning

We’re proud to be an excellent business continuity partner, offering vital features designed to eliminate network downtime:

Data Back-Up

Protect your data thanks to our back-up solutions and our in-house data centre.

Mobile Device Management

Monitor, manage, and secure your employees and their business mobile devices.

Secure Wi-Fi

Easy-to-manage guest access Wi-Fi with enterprise grade authentication.

Planning for Business Continuity

Develop a detailed plan to get your business back up and running if the worst should happen.

Trusted and Cost-Effective

Our working relationships with the companies developing security software means we’re able to offer extremely competitive prices.

Ready To Help

Hundreds of companies already trust our award-winning support – but there’s room for you, too. Give us a call. Kamarin Computers is always ready to help.

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I would absolutely recommend Kamarin to other businesses looking for an IT provider that takes the time to understand what you want, understand your business and comes up with solutions that work for you.

Ashley Gamble, CCLG

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