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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Plan For The Worst, And Hope For The Best

The financial consequences of interruption to business can be devastating. Quite apart from lost production and disappointed customers, reputational damage could be terminal for your operation. Be it flood, fire, or theft, it’s unwise to underestimate the pain your business could suffer.

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Developing a business continuity plan by collaborating with Kamarin Computers will limit the fallout from the unexpected. Our expertise brings together the elements necessary for you to get back to normal in the shortest possible time.

Plans we design will get you on your feet again in the shortest-possible time, minimising the impact of the disruption you’ve suffered.

Business Continuity Plans Explained

A business continuity plan mitigates the impact of events beyond your control and helps you recover from them quickly. It protects assets, cares for employees, and restores ‘normality’ in the shortest-possible time when the unexpected happens.

We’ll help you to define all risks that can affect the smooth running of you company. Risks may include natural disasters – fire, flood, or weather-related events – and cyber attacks. Your plan should include a procedure to get your business-critical IT systems into operation as quickly as possible, minimising harmful downtime.

Business Continuity Services From Kamarin


Working with you we’ll examine the principal processes and functions of your business. We’ll then establish everything they need – the technology, the people to operate it, and somewhere to operate it from. Our risk-based approach will identify the most vulnerable areas of your organisation, which means you’ll be able to target your business continuity budget efficiently.

Strategy and Planning

We’ll take you beyond simple compliance requirements. Our experts will develop a disciplined, documented approach for board-level executives, train your teams to recognise threats, and thereby empower them to take the right action quickly, nipping problems in the bud.


Kamarin Computers’ business continuity professionals develop bespoke services for every business. Maybe that’ll be training videos or routine table-top exercises. It could be relocation exercises to test your capacity for off-site recovery. It could also be advice and guidance on outsourcing your entire business continuity strategy to providers of large-scale managed business resilience.

Why Kamarin Computers Is The Right Choice

We believe our route to success is to make sure our customers succeed. We also offer:/p>

Detailed Documentation

We’ll help rank the business-critical elements of your network.

Restore Testing

We have a ‘live restore’ facility to give you confidence in the procedure.

Backing Up Data

We can provide extra data storage, perhaps in our in-house data centre or on the cloud. Either way, it’ll be safe and ready to restore.

Somewhere To Work

If your office is uninhabitable, we can provide a temporary base, so customers won’t have a clue that things aren’t perfectly normal.

Business Continuity Planning

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I would absolutely recommend Kamarin to other businesses looking for an IT provider that takes the time to understand what you want, understand your business and comes up with solutions that work for you.

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