A Tribute to Sue Dixon, Co-Founder of HBP Systems Ltd.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sue Dixon, one of the founders of HBP Systems, our sister company in our group.

Sue founded HBP Systems Ltd in 1991 with her business partner David Smith, who later went on to become the owner of Kamarin Computers in 2004. Like Kamarin, HBP Systems established itself by providing accounting software and IT equipment to businesses in the local area and from humble beginnings, it grew into a reliable and respected company within the Humber region.

With David heading up the sales side of the business, Sue was responsible for implementing software solutions to HBP’s growing customer base, as well as manging the expansion of HBP.

Sue was a huge part of HBP’s success and helped establish the HBP Group which went on to acquire Kamarin. In the first 10 years Sue was instrumental in building a team rich in knowledge and passion for the company. On top of that, Sue helped hundreds of companies to improve their own processes and use of accounting software with her own expertise and skill.

Following a long and illustrious career, Sue retired in 2006, having grown HBP Systems from a small team of just five people, into one of the leading IT and software companies in the UK with over 30 members of staff and over 400 customers.

She left her legacy in the safe hands of her daughter Joanne Dixon, who became Managing Director a year later and continues to head up the company whilst working closely with Kamarin Computers today.

Sue (left), pictured with her former business partner and Kamarin owner, David Smith (centre) and her daughter, Joanne (right), the current MD of HBP.

In her retirement, Sue enjoyed life to the fullest, spending time with her husband, George, and travelling the world. Sue even found time to take up a new hobby, developing a love for painting, something which she excelled in, and many of her paintings were hung on display around her home.

Sue was always incredibly family focused and made sure she spent lots of time with her daughters, Joanne and Sarah, and her three grandchildren, Lewis, Olivia and Charlie.

Sue and George also particularly enjoyed visiting Spain, where they stayed at their second home enjoying the sun, food and wine together several times throughout the year.

In the years following her retirement, Sue maintained her close relationship with David Smith and the staff at HBP Systems and Kamarin Computers. Alongside George, she attended our annual staff Christmas parties every year, handing out the top performance award, aptly named the Sue Dixon Trophy, for the IT and software engineers who followed in her footsteps.

She passed away peacefully and spent her final days surrounded by her family, who meant so much to her.


Sue Dixon will forever remain in the hearts and memories of everyone at HBP Systems and Kamarin Computers. RIP Sue.