Our Support Teams Were Unfazed By The Beast From The East

When the UK as hit by the worst weather it had experienced in 8 years – Kamarin’s Support Teams were ready!

Despite it supposedly being the beginning of Spring 2018 last week, the biggest snow storm in 8 years hit the UK, causing wide-spread chaos and disruption. Many of us were literally grinded to an icy holt and unable to even venture out of our homes.

Now, many school children, who had time off to play in the snow or hide under their duvets, might be struggling to see the issue with this! However, when you’ve got a business to run and customers dependant on your service – these extreme weather conditions cause concern for your duties, customer satisfaction, the safety of your staff – and of course, your bottom-line. If your staff cannot get in, you could be losing money through missed opportunity or lack of resource affecting the fulfilment of your service.

Fortunately, at Kamarin Computers we have invested in technology which means our support services were unaffected by the weather. Like countless businesses across the country last week, many of our staff were unable to safely travel to work. Nevertheless, following our value of forward-thinking, we have invested our time and resources into training our staff and providing them with remote technology. Therefore, enabling them to work from home and provide ongoing support to our customers – whilst maintaining our 16 minute average fix-time across all of our support services.

…Of course, those who made it in still found time to have a play in the snow.