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Multi-Site & Accounts Software Integrated EPOS System

Taskers: Home and garden furnishing chain in Merseyside

A Seamless Solution Embodying Historical Values And Supporting Future Growth

Established over 50-years ago, Merseyside’s Taskers has become one of the UK’s largest independent DIY and Home Retailers, supplying over 60,000 products and employing over 300 members of staff.

What has set Taskers apart from the competition over the years is that we have maintained our core values, our identity and our core philosophy, which is to offer great products at great prices with great customer service.

Although Taskers’ core values have not changed over their 50-years of success, what has changed is the market that they operate in which has subsequently introduced new challenges and pressures, including; prices, legislations and customer expectations.

Reason For Change

Taskers identified that to stay ahead of their competition; they needed to offer their customers in-store a faster service at the point of sale.

Implementing a new EPOS system was going to be a significant project for us. We needed a seamless transition from the old system to the new one.

The project would entail replacing 50 tills across 5 sites, as well as integration with their accounting software and stock system.

The Project

Essentially, Taskers was looking for an EPOS system that could support its growth model and be easy for users to navigate the wide offerings of products within its inventory.

We were looking for something that would walk the user through the process; therefore, eliminate a huge amount of human error and limit the amount of training required as the screen can tell the user what to do next.

The Solution

Taskers needed an EPOS system that could automatically transfer data into their Sage 200 accounts package. The manual input of accounting data was a huge burden on resource, which Taskers sought to improve.

The integration into our Sage accounts package allowed it to be a very seamless process and far easier for us to manage on a day to day basis.

The Experience

With their improved processes and data, the team at Taskers are confident that KCPOS and its Sage integration will fully support their growth plan and ensure that their customers and staff both enjoy a much better experience at the point of sale.

Our backoffice is reaping the benefits as the amount of manual entry the team has to do has been reduced significantly. The accuracy and the speed of data in our system has been vastly improved and we’re now able to do transactions we were not able to do before.