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Roadnight Taylor updated their IT infrastructure to improve access and help to offer even better customer service

Roadnight Taylor: Independent Power & Energy Consultancy in Oxfordshire

Updating IT Infrastructure For Ease Of Access To Data & Customer Service Benefits At Deep Energy Experts

Roadnight Taylor of Burford in Oxfordshire specialise in helping UK businesses make the best and safest energy choices to meet their specific objectives. From their offices in the beautiful surroundings of the Cotswold hills on the river Windrush, a small and focused team with in excess of 100 years deep energy expertise help businesses make better choices regarding their energy. Either reducing their energy bills, generating income from existing land, shrinking their carbon footprints or increasing resilience and competitiveness through comprehensive energy management plans.

That’s typically investing in energy storage generation and flexibility, technologies, electric vehicle charging and heating. We secure grid capacity for very large-scale schemes, up to 50 megawatts – so hundreds of acres – and then right down to smaller schemes that might be on businesses roofs, generating electricity and battery storage schemes.

by Hugh Taylor, CEO @ Roadnight Taylor

Their expertise and knowledge span many industries and applications from farms and estates to commercial, industrial and public sector in energy storage, renewables, electronic vehicle charging, tariffs and metering, demand management, grid connections and more.

Reason For Change

Roadnight Taylor wanted to move their entire business and IT infrastructure to the Cloud. Moving with the forefront of developments in the energy and renewables sectors, as a business they were interested in keeping with developing technology along with the benefits of having globally accessible business information and management systems.

Having started migrating systems and services with a separate 3rd party, they had already proven the concept and the company could see the benefits on offer, but the support was lacking. It was time to find a new IT support company that understood Roadnight Taylor as a company and what they were trying to achieve as well as the technical expertise required to complete the migration and support the growth of the business going forward.

We found Kamarin a simple Google search. They did stand out, I remember when I was looking through as being somebody who were very approachable, practical and that came through when James came out to see us. So we definitely felt that we had made the right choice.

by Lucy Taylor, Operations Director @ Roadnight Taylor

The Solution

The route that Roadnight Taylor was pursuing with their migration was a good start to their project, so it was unnecessary start afresh. Keen to minimise investment where possible, Kamarin reviewed the status of the migration and the current infrastructure and looked to build on it, and get the best out of it from the outset.

What wasn’t prominent in the initial project was cyber security, but Kamarin was able to describe in detail all the different layers of support that was required for such a project and openly discussed different options with their individual pros and cons.

When James came to see us we talked about what we had already and they were very good, they weren’t trying to persuade us to get rid and start afresh. They were keen to help us work with what we had and just to make it better, they just wanted to be able to ensure that we were getting the best out of it. They also went into detail with regards the different layers of support that we needed around security, virus protection all sorts of other things ensuring that we’re not hacked or we don’t lose data.


I didn’t really give the change over a great deal of thought it just kind of happened. We didn’t lose service at all, it was a very straight-forward seamless process. It was knowing that Kamarin had a deep understanding of how it would fit together so that it can be used efficiently, putting in place ways that would be completely flexible and they’d be able to move with us and be agile in the same way that we were.

One of the real outcomes of the project is the additional protection against ownership and potential loss of company data. Kamarin provided expert opinion and back-up solutions on top of the Cloud infrastructure to future-proof Roadnight Taylor against data corruption and provide reassurance that their business was a protected as possible.

The best thing we’ve had after finding of Kamarin to help us with our IT support is that we now don’t think about our IT. You know we can focus on what we do and on building the business providing the best possible service to our clients.

The future looks promising for Roadnight Taylor and on-going relationship with James and the team at Kamarin is growing well and there’s a real positivity about business.

Kamarin are very easy to contact if you do have an issue. They’re very very friendly, and they’re very straightforward to deal with from our perspective.

I would certainly recommend Kamarin to other small businesses such as ourselves. They’ve got that depth of expertise and people who are there to help you and I think they’ve been the perfect fit for us.