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Case Study: Lyons Holiday Park

Lyons Holiday Park required an EPOS solution that would help manage the various revenue streams within their business.

Project Requirements

  • Full Account Integration
  • Multiple sites all unified in one centralised system
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Take a wide range of admissions within the till
  • Easily change pricing of items at the till
  • Efficient stock control functionality
  • Easy set up of new users & user rights
  • Customer profile records for marketing
  • Ability to seamlessly handle a high volume of visitors
  • A system which could grow in line with the business

Lyons consists of 10 holiday parks and two hotels, boasting a range of bars, restaurants, cafés, caravan sales, gift shops and more.

This meant their multi-site leisure and tourist attraction needed a system which unified all these different areas in one powerful system. Accounts integration was essential for Lyons, as before KCPOS there was several EPOS systems running in isolation to each other.

Since implementation, the integration between KCPOS and their accounts software means the management have saved significant amounts of time in what was previously a manual process of preparing the month end accounts. The management team identified KCPOS as a key component within their growth strategy, as the system can grow with the business. Before KCPOS, management had little visibility of how visitors had heard of Lyons or their reason for visiting.

Visitor data capture means Lyons now have the ability to profile customers and assess the success of marketing campaigns. This information has become invaluable in building the marketing strategy and deciding where to invest their advertising budget moving forward.

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