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High Performing IT Network & Enhanced Cloud Capabilities

Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group (CCLG): Charity Funding The Scientific Research & Patient Support For Childhood Cancer


Maximising Efficiency And Embracing Flexible Working At A Life-Saving Organisation

Leicester-based children’s cancer charity, CCLG, has been funding the scientific research of childhood cancer, as well as providing support to patients and their loved ones for over 40-years.

“During a strategic review, we decided that we needed to invest in some bigger office space. When we began thinking about moving offices, we recognised that the most important thing we needed to get right was our IT solution.”

The work the charity has done for nearly half a century has made significant improvements to the standards of care for children with cancer in the UK, resulting in an 80% increase in survival rates.

Reason For Change

Considering the life-saving work that CCLG does, and how many people depend on their support, staff productivity is crucial. The organisation’s previous set up was compromising this, and the team knew CCLG was in desperate need of an IT renovation.

“The IT solutions we were previously using were old and slow. Before, we were part of a wider network, and we encountered a lot of difficulties and limitations because of this. Staff struggled to work remotely and update new software or applications.”

Although CCLG identified the need for external IT support, actually finding a 3rd party to provide this was incredibly “daunting” as they had never outsourced this before.

The Project

“Like many charities, we don’t receive funding from the government, so we’re entirely reliant on the public for fundraising. Kamarin really worked with us to identify the best solution, balancing high performing IT with our budget, which was great.”

As well as helping CCLG understand what solutions would meet both their needs and budget, Kamarin also had to ensure the project could be completed within CCLG’s strict deadline.

“We were going to be relying on a support provider to help us decide what was right for our business. Having approached a few different companies, Kamarin Computers was the first one that offered to come to site, that really seemed to take the time to understand how CCLG works and what we needed from an IT solution. We had a really tight window of about three weeks and really wanted everything to be up and running from day one, so there wasn’t an interruption to our service.”

The Solution

At CCLG’s brand new premise, Kamarin’s engineers installed new hardware, with all required software and third party applications setup. The network provided them greater management autonomy over their data, with applications like Office 365 implemented to help staff with collaborative and remote working.

“Everyone now has fast and reliable computers. Moving to the Cloud has been great; we can share files, add new users and install the software that we need easily. We’re really pleased with the new solution and it’s having an impact on the way we work.”

Ashley Gamble, CCLG Chief Executive

The Experience

With their office expansion and fully supported IT network, CCLG can embark on a brand new era for the organisation. A robust and premium infrastructure will enhance the efficiency and quality of their team’s life-changing work, resulting in more research, more support and more lives saved.

“Working with Kamarin has been a great experience and I would recommend them to other businesses that are looking for an IT provider that takes the time to understand you and come up with the solutions that you want.”