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13-Site, Multi-Discipline EPOS & Business Management Solution

Blue Anchor Leisure: Holiday, Caravan & Lodge Park Operator In Lincolnshire

Increasing Customer Service & Revolutionising Management Insight At Areas Largest Holiday Park Operator

Reputable and experienced holiday park operator, Blue Anchor Leisure have been in the Skegness area of Lincolnshire for nearly 50 years. From humble beginning on Skegness market, the original owner bought his first caravan and incorporated the company in 1972. Since then, they have grown and weathered all storms that UK holiday industry have thrown at them acquiring land throughout the county and adapted to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Now boasting more parks than any of their competitors, a staff of over 200 offer thousands of holiday makers and residents everything they need to get the most out of their investment or just enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of the most densely populated holiday park resort in the UK.

With the recent upturn in the UK holiday market, Blue Anchor Leisure have had to adapt with heavy investment into amenities and services offered to their customers. As their customers get more educated and aware, their requirements and expectation increase alongside. In order to compete and capitalise on the resurgence in the market, the company are always looking for new ways to engage with their customers and make their time on-site as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Blue Anchor Leisure offer multiple parks and multiple facilities from a place called Croft just outside Skegness, all the way up to Mablethorpe and everywhere in between. Some parks have hundreds of caravans and some have up to 1500. We offer various things from clubhouses, bars, restaurants, arcades and swimming pools – all the things you expect to see in a good family resort holiday.

by Johnathan Moses, Director, Blue Anchor Leisure.

Reason For Change

Having 13 different parks with anywhere from 1,000 – 30,000 people on-site at any one time, and with thousands of caravans, site management was becoming problematic, especially when it came to tracing payments from the owners and rentals. As the business grew, the legacy paper-based system became more and more fallible and processing times potentially running into weeks, became unmanageable and impeded the customer experience.

After the recent passing of the original owner a few years ago, the management team and board of directors collectively decided to take control of the business and systematically approached an overhaul to increase the customer experience whilst maintaining everything that had made Blue Anchor Leisure the stand-out company and destination resort that it is today. Lead by company director and relative to the original owner, Johnathan, they set out to find a solution to their very unique problems.

We needed to give the customers a better service and the old system that we had just didn’t cut it basically. In this day and age we were very behind the times. We had unique problems and we wanted a system that would embrace those unique issues and work around them to give us the data and the information that we needed to be live so we could give our customers that live information.

The Solution

With such a vast site and multi-discipline business model, finding a solution to fit was problematic. Having entertained several different suppliers and potential products, Blue Anchor needed a company that could listen and truly understand their requirements, then support them through each step to achieve their goal.

Firstly, Blue Anchor had to establish a common IT network across all 13 of their parks. 25 tills were then put in that could communicate with each other and integrate with a management solution to provide critical reports to the management team. A synchronous loop of data was created that could be queried on-demand from any location, and fundamentally provide a single, standardised digital platform to prevent human error incurred with the previous hand-written data.

What we want to do is have a centralized system to not only reported everything but it went straight back to our head office as well so it will be analysed.

by Sean Sargison, Group Operations Manager.


Implementing KCPOS and KC Back Office has created a unified platform across the business, allowing for real-time management of the parks as a whole, and allowed for the speeding-up of customer queries, eradication of bottlenecks imposed by legacy processing methods and a dramatic increase in customer service.

Now we’re using KC Back-Office it’s obviously bought everything up to speed we can go on at any given time to see what different outlets have processed and how much money they’ve taken. The analysis that we get with the back office is obviously bang up to date. We can split all the different cost centres down. If we have a problem with people if they paid bills you know we can analyse it even more.

by Nick Chapman, Senior Finance Manager.

The solution has allowed Blue Anchor Leisure to meet the demands of their customer and has brought their entire business up-to-date with state-of-the-art tills. They now have the immediate benefit of a super-fast, super-easy-to-use platform and the management can now make on-demand, informed decisions on the current performance of their business and set plans in motion to grow in-line with their ambition.

One of the things that we did look at was time scales of deliverability, service, backup and support. You guys have stuck to the timeframes that we’ve talked about you guys have delivered what we’ve asked you to deliver, so we’re very pleased with the service that we’ve got.

by Johnathan Moses, Director.

The Future

There was no real headaches it was a very smooth operation to the point where we’re looking at various other options for our other facilities. So far we found the right company to work with.

The plan is now to roll KCPOS out to other amenities and services that Blue Anchor offer, so they can continue to build on the increase in customer service. With plans for more parks to be developed and outstanding ones to be extended, the company are still growing as the demand on the region continues to increase.

Blue Anchor Leisure are safe in the knowledge that they will be supported, with simple plug-and-play growth of devices when they need them. They’ve also invested in a partner that they can trust, and that they know are in it for the long run – a trait that’s really important in their industry.

Would I recommend you to other Holiday Parks? I don’t think I’d limit myself to that. I would recommend you to other businesses that face unique issues like that we do.