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Badminton England migrated their internal IT systems to the Cloud to allow for remote and agile working and position themselves for a bright future.

Badminton England: The governing body of the sport of Badminton in England.

Migration of infrastructure to the Cloud help national governing body collaborate and allow for remote-working.

Milton Keynes based Badminton England are the official governing body for the sport of Badminton in England have been incorporated since 1893 and it’s their job to promote and engage people in England with Badminton and now more recently look after the Olympic and Paralympic program for the England Team.

The ultimate success for us is always winning medals, not qualifying for a games. And yeah, the deferral this year means that we’ve just got to wait a little bit longer in order to do that.

by Adrian Christy, CEO @ Badminton England.

Having become increasingly less reliant on government funding, the organisation is more and more reliant on a robust IT infrastructure to manage their business, share information, develop and engage more people.

Reason For Change

The previous system at Badminton England has become unreliable, and the managers were getting more and more frustration expressed to them from members of staff. For a company increasingly reliant on data and the usage and sharing of data to manage their growth, they we in need of a new way of working company-wide.

The legacy VPN and dial-in connections were not working for the company anymore, and with the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the business and the requirement to move to remote working overnight, the urgency to go ahead with previously discussed project plans was prioritised above everything else.

The previous system just wasn’t reliable. I was getting so much frustration expressed to me from members of staff. For a company that is increasingly reliant on data and the usage and sharing of data to manage our growth, we needed to be better than that.

by Adrian Christy, CEO @ Badminton England.

The Solution

Migration to Office 365 and related services had been discussed prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, but the global situation and guidelines from the government meant that the timeframe has now been shortened significantly with a new found urgency and deployment plan developed around speed, agility and support.

Badminton England has quite a few regional staff they are generally based from home and out and about, so to be able to access all their files, all their folders, all their information wherever they are – it’s really really useful.

by Sue Wressell, Executive Assistant to CEO @ Badminton England

The team at Kamarin were able to help Badminton England with core infrastructure migration and  new remote team management tools with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams whilst offering enhanced on-demand support for their workforce in particularly testing times.


I can see that the way we’re working now within lockdown, I think it’s going to change how we work. This will help us to work smarter.

Now able to offer a fully agile working solution with the ability to share information and opinions and truly collaborate live on shared documents is a revelation to the company. The migration to Office 365 has been a success and the company are beginning to on-board their staff more onto the Cloud services and productivity tool on offer in the solution. Setting up Microsoft Teams correctly has seen the whole company use it more, with great effect, and more direct levels of engagement on communication platforms such as Yammer have never been seen before.

Other benefits have been seen in the agility in getting feedback from the staff as a whole as the company have begun to move their staff survey and other questionnaires on to Microsoft Forms, they have now get instant responses and report quantitively on those responses quicker and more easily.

When there was the move into working with you guys, I was very impressed with the vision for the company, the partners that you work with. I think the advice that we’ve always had has always been very sound, very methodical. James has been a constant supporter for us in helping us through this this migration, to you know, what is a very difficult, concerning time.

by Adrian Christy, CEO @ Badminton England

Badminton England have benefitted from an agile and on-hand support team to answer any question they have, deal with any teething or user issues on the new system and plan the deployment execution of the next phases of the plan.

“The responsiveness from the support team is terrific and our organization has felt the real benefit of that responsiveness. There is so much that we will look forward to learning and moving the business into a different place, which ultimately will become the new normal way of working. This is really quite an exciting future for us now.

The platform that you’re helping us build is going to stand us in good stead going forward for sure