Microsoft Teams: Frequently Asked Questions – Answered [April 2020]

As remote working has become a natural part of life for many employees across the UK we have been trying to shed some light on the best tools to keep you and your team connected. Following our Microsoft Teams workshop we have collated a list of frequently asked questions that have been answered by our experts.

Is there an App available to download for Mobile/Tablet Devices?

Short answer is yes, there is an Android and IPhone app that can be downloaded from your respective app store. We definitely recommend downloading the app as has almost all the features of the desktop app including Video, VoIP Calls and file access/editing. Follow the link attached to download to your device:

Can multiple people use one file at the same time?

As file sharing and editing is a huge part of collaborative working, you’ll be pleased to hear the answer is Yes. Although the file you’re all working on must be a Microsoft Office based one for example, Word or Excel. Once the file is uploaded and shared through Teams multiple people can edit it at the same and are also able to write comments within the file to discuss changes. For more information, check out this Microsoft Teams blog:

Can you add images and PDF’s to the white board in meetings?

Yes you can add images and PDF’s into the white board! You’re also able to draw on top of those images allowing your team the ability to collaborate easily. This also means you can all point out and highlight areas that need to be discussed or changed.
To find out more about the whiteboard function check this article out:

Can you add people external to the organisation into Chats and Teams?

Yes. Teams has been built as a collaboration tool to help workflow and communication between different members of a team, however sometimes we may want to include external parties such as a supplier or customers. External contacts can be added into teams but bear in mind this can also be restricted by your network admin if not required. Please check this is enabled and you can find out a step by step guide on adding external parties here:

Can I turn on notifications in Teams?

Yes, Teams has a variety of notifications that you can control and set up as you would like. The main settings can be found on your profile where you can edit your personal notification preferences. There is also a great feature called ‘@’ that allows you to “mention” people in posts or messages, this “pings” them so they know there is a message they need to look over and is independent of their settings. Follow this video guide from Microsoft to get started:

Manage notification settings in Microsoft Teams

Can you add standard phone numbers to Teams?

Yes, you can add a PBX phone system if required. We would like to point out that if you decide to set up a phone system it should be used as your main phone system, this may require additional set up from us to help with Direct dials and voicemail settings. The add-on package available per user and that allows you to either direct your existing provider’s services to Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing or have Microsoft handle the numbers for you (You can also port your existing numbers to Microsoft). We strongly advise talking to your account manager or our support team before setting this up. Alternatively you can contact us and someone will be in touch to help:

That’s the Top Questions.

So that’s so top questions to help keep you up to date. Keep an eye out for more workshops and webinars from us over the coming weeks to help with Teams and other Office 365 products.

If you would like to get your Teams set up, why not watch our ‘Working From Home’ workshop to help you get started?

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