Kamarin Computers – Investing In Innovation For The IT Industry

At the beginning of this year, Channel Partner Manager, Rachel Jakings, celebrated her 2-year anniversary working at Kamarin Computers, a company that values and develops her ideas.

How did you initially come into the role of Channel Partner Manager at Kamarin?
Rachel“Well initially I wanted to train to be a Primary School teacher, but as a teenager I had worked in part-time sales roles and I had always loved the interpersonal aspect of it. In 2016 I joined Kamarin as an Account Manager, and by 2017 I became their Channel Partner Manager.

What is this role about?
Rachel“I manage the relationships between Kamarin and our multiple partners around the country, helping to develop their internal teams to grow and build their customer-base by providing our solutions. I regularly attend networking events, as well as create and manage campaigns”.

And given that you’ve celebrated your 2-year anniversary, you enjoy the role?
Rachel“I love my job and the fact that it enables me to help other businesses grow and I can see how they have benefited from the product I have introduced to them. This role is about building relationships and you can only do that if you are passionate about the job and truly believe in the products you are selling”.



Have you encountered any challenges in this role?
Rachel“The most challenging aspect is having to be heavily reliant on other people, both internally and externally, and losing a little of the direct control I had as a Direct Sales Consultant. But I just see it as an opportunity to further develop my interpersonal skills. There have also been occasions where discrimination against women who work in sales and IT has been clear and this is very frustrating and narrow-minded.”

Do you consider Sales and the IT industry to be quite discriminatory to women?
Rachel“It certainly can be. Before I joined Kamarin I had some pretty intimidating experiences at external, male-dominated meetings and also received some fairly rude comments about my age and gender. One man told me that ‘It’s easy for you – you can just use your assets to get a sale’. If it was down to that I wouldn’t be in this industry, let alone want that person as a client”.

Have you found working at Kamarin to be a different experience to your previous sales roles then?
Rachel“Kamarin is the first place I haven’t been discriminated against due to being female and actually feel valued. One of the reasons I left my old company is because they didn’t value their staff’s opinions and I had some great ideas that they wouldn’t let me implement. Kamarin do and I’ve enjoyed watching them evolve and be used within the company! Here I feel trusted and assured that Kamarin will invest and help me develop my ideas, which I haven’t experienced at other companies”.

Would you like to see more women in the IT and Sale industry?
Rachel“Absolutely. There needs to be more of a balance. Sales and IT are about developing ideas, structure and relationship building. Why shouldn’t more women be involved? I don’t understand the bias and stigma – but it will not stop me succeeding in a career that I love”.