Kamarin Computers Encourage Their Customers To Embrace The Cloud

This year, we have been working closely with our long-time customer, Hortech Systems Ltd, to digitally transform them to embrace the new Industrial Revolution, and the Cloud is at the forefront of it.


Agricultural and irrigation company, Hortech Systems Ltd, who we have supported since 2003, was formed in 1989, and over the last 30-years, they have diversified their specialities to offer a variety of services. Unfortunately, their success was being juxtaposed with limitations, due to an accounts package that was unable to grow with them. Their outdated solution was incompatible with the expeditious nature of the manufacturing industry, causing complications with their supply chain management and scheduling.

At the end of 2018, we onboarded a brand-new product to our software portfolio, and we knew it would meet all Hortech’s requirements. Business Cloud Essentials (BCE) by Advanced, our supplier and partner of fifteen-years, is a Cloud-based, resource planning software that has been specifically designed for manufacturing businesses.

Our manufacturing customers, like Hortech, intrinsically inspired our decision to provide and support the new solution. BCE delivers a single, fully integrated platform that incorporates all core business’ processes and operations. Users can have instant access to all essential data from across their business, in just one place. The Cloud allows businesses to store their data in a secure, remote location and access it in real-time, from anywhere. BCE enables businesses to be more productive, efficient and knowledgeable, which is invaluable for manufacturers.

In addition to the Cloud ensuring greater security and visibility, Hortech was impressed with the scalability of the solution. Their Managing Director, Wayne Seaman, praises, “We wanted a system for the future, and with the ongoing investments and automated updates that Advanced was making in BCE, I knew we would instantly benefit from new functionality as it is released. BCE means we are not faced with the usual costs and resources associated with traditional on-premise software.”

Our Sales Director and software specialist, Danny Gill, who has overseen the project says, “Hortech has a clear vision for its future, which is harnessing the power of digital and the Cloud. BCE will allow them to truly embrace the Cloud and be ready to adapt to future challenges, which is critical given the level of uncertainty that businesses are currently facing.”

“We are very excited to support Hortech on their journey with the Cloud, as well as explore new chapters and celebrate their inevitable achievements with BCE.”

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