How to Increase Profits and Exceed Customer Expectations

COVID-19 has not been the only external factor affecting manufacturers over recent years, and with an ever-shifting environment, many manufacturers have looked towards technology to improve their processes and, ultimately, become more profitable.

Advanced, one the UK’s leading providers of ERP and MRP software, along with their Business Partner of the Year and PPMA Member, Kamarin Computers and HBP Systems, are running a “Profit Clinic” webinar on Wednesday, June 24th, 2020, to share experiences and examples from manufacturers who have used technology to enhance their own profitability.

Phil Denham, Commercial Director, at HBP said,

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we’ve actually seen more business invest in their internal systems than ever before. In some cases, manufacturers have been so busy that they’ve needed better tools to understand exactly where their profits are coming from and where their costs are out of control.”

“On the other hand, businesses that have been quieter have used this as an opportunity to review their processes and ensure that they return after COVID-19 as strong as possible.”

For manufacturers, the first move to an MRP system can be a big one, but HBP Systems have seen many businesses make the first step with great results. Phil commented,

“In some cases, the new system has been a replacement for a white board and information in someone’s head! It’s pretty common for information to be siloed in spreadsheets, worksheets or, in many cases, not recorded at all. When all of that information about product sales, stock levels, product profitability, production scheduling and sales forecasts are made available it can change the way a business operates for the better.”

The webinar will take place at 11am on 24th June 2020 and registration is available here –