Get the most from Business Cloud Essentials during this period of unknown

While much of the country continues to work from home we know a number of industries, including manufacturing may need to keep the production line rolling.

Using Business Cloud Essentials, business owners can track orders, stock control and see where things are on the production line, providing a clear view of expected timelines and helping make sure things are on track. To add to this, all of this can be done remotely as Business Cloud Essentials is available anytime, anywhere. Meaning business owners can access all of this information at their fingertips, at home.

We have put together a selection of material to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Business Cloud Essentials solution. Alternately if you are a manufacturer looking for the right solution to help you through these unprecedented times please feel free to browse the below content and get in touch with the team for any further questions.

At Kamarin we are here to support and help you understand what is possible for your business.


Top 5 tips for manufacturers planning their Business Continuity

This webinar explores, ‘what does business continuity mean to you’ and will look at the 5 key areas we believe your business should focus on when pulling together your Business Continuity Strategy:

  1. Remote working/Business as usual
  2. Access to key tools that run your business
  3. Access to real time customer data
  4. Disaster Recovery
  5. Communication plan

With recent events affecting every UK manufacturing business, now more than ever is the time to ensure you have a robust business continuity strategy.

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Business Cloud Essentials Latest Release

Our solutions are constantly evolving to ensure customers get the best features and functionality available. All upgrades are automatically applied, with no additional costs or disruption to our customers.

This quick video looks at those latest features that are making it easier for our Business Cloud Essentials customers.

Business Cloud Essentials – Summary Overview

This short video gives an introduction to the summary screen of Business Cloud Essentials. This screen highlights areas of the business that need attention and current roles that need completing. Reports can be easily customised and this part of the solution is vital for all members of the team.

Custom Documents – User Notes

Business Cloud Essentials is a management solutions designed to bring the entire organisation together to deliver a seamless customer experience. With this in mind there is a whole host of functionality to personalise your solutions and the below document explores how to customise documents within Business Cloud Essentials.

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We’re Here To Help!

When unusual is the new business as usual, we can help you understand what is possible for your business, just get in touch. We’ve got so many resources to help you with your daily use of Business Cloud Essentials – and we want you to get the most from the system.