Free Overview Webinar With Draycir – Spindle Document Management, Purchase Invoice Recognition And Credit Hound

It’s very obvious that the world is changing and with the current challenges we are all facing we all need to be as efficient as possible and our partner Draycir would like to give you an insight to how their solutions can help you work more efficiently saving you and your business time & money.

With many of us working from home now, it’s more important now than ever for everyone to be able to access documents remotely – safely and securely. Spindle Document Management does exactly that.

In this Webinar we will demonstrate how documents can be accessed by employee’s within the organisation, even when working from home, how purchase invoices can be automated eliminating the need for manual data entry using purchase invoice recognition and tools to assist you have greater control of debtors, improve your cash-flow and free up working capital using Credit Hound.

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