FREE MS Teams Webinar – Part 5 In The Series Announced Today

Part 5 In Our Microsoft Teams Home-Working Webinars Is Planned For Next Monday 27th April.

Continuing the MS Teams & Working-From-Home series of webinars as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, next week we’ll be looking more at the administration of Microsoft Teams and discussing what’s on offer and questioning some best-practice setup for effective team management.

Again, this will be followed by a Q&A session to discuss anything you’re wondering further and see if we can offer any more advice.

Read more about next week’s webinar, and register now on EventBrite by clicking the below link:

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Who’s This One For?

As you’d imagine, a webinar on Admin Settings & Options will typically be aimed at whoever’s managing and administering your MS Teams installation. That said, it should be of interest to anyone managing a team as it aims to educate on what you can and can’t do with Teams. It should answer some questions you have, but registering will also give you the chance to ask anything during the live Q&A.

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A Big Thank You!

Thank you so much for the the engagement that we’re seeing with these webinars, we’re really pleased that we’ve been able to help some of you with the upheaval of moving to remote working, and all the difficulties that doing it over night has brought up.

Please do keep your questions coming in and we’ll aim to help wherever and whenever we can.

We’ll keep doing these webinars as long as we’re helping. Granted, this new one is quite niche, but this is in response to the feedback that we’re getting from viewers of the rest of the series. Your feedback is directly inspiring more webinars so please do ask that question that you want answering next time?

As this pandemic continues and we’re still at the mercy of the government’s lockdown strategy, the near future is still in a state of flux, and will continually change as our response as a nation continues to change. Don’t struggle on your own, other businesses will be going through very similar struggles to you, so if you’ve got a question – please don’t hesitate to ask it.

You’ll be helping others in showing what’s important to you and hopefully, together we can get through it, or suggest a different perspective that you may not have thought about.

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