Exchequer: Discover our resources and refresh your knowledge

Our company mission statement declares we strive for the best today and better tomorrow. Whilst a lot of the UK workforce are practising remote working, we thought we’d share some of our key Exchequer training and refresher courses for you to browse at your leisure.

All of the materials below have been put together by our experts to help you make more out of your Exchequer software.

YouTube Exchequer Training

Over the years of supporting Exchequer, we have compiled quite a list of support training videos that tackle individual process within the software.

Here’s an example from our sister company HBP Systems, or you can view our YouTube Playlist by clicking the button below.

Exchequer YouTube Training

Exchequer Software Overview

If you’re after an overview of the Exchequer software, head to our Exchequer page and download our free Advanced Exchequer guide:

Exchequer Overview

5 Best Forgotten Features Of Exchequer!

You can also check out the 5 best features of Exchequer from our very own Software Services Manager, Jo Benson. In this short blog she highlights her favourite features on Exchequer you might have otherwise forgotten about.

Check it out:

The 5 BEST Forgotten Features

We’re Here To Help!

We’re always working on new tutorials or guides to help our customers get to grips with their accounting software, whether that’s training guides for new starters or refresher courses for everyday users.

Don’t forget, if you have a question for our support team you can feel free to contact them or your account manager.

Did you know there’s a FAQs section on our Customer Portal that we constantly update with tutorials, product updates and answers to frequently asked questions received by our support team – take a look now:

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