Our support and installation services are continuing during COVID-19

Support and Installations

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak all of our support and installation services continue to operate. Where possible, all installations and work that would normally require a site visit, are being carried out remotely. However, if the situation requires a site visit, and has been approved by all parties, then full PPE equipment will be used, and social distancing measures adhered to.

Our support team continue to work from home, but this has no affect on the quality or speed or service that we can provide.

Sales Enquiries

We are still operating as normal from a sales point of view and are happy to carry out meetings and consultations remotely via voice or video call.

New system installations, support takeovers and any other type of purchase can be fulfilled using either a remote installation or by limiting the amount of on-site time required (using PPE and social distancing), if absolutely necessary.

Visitor Policy

In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, Kamarin Computers has implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our workforce and their families.

In our ongoing efforts to keep staff and visitors safe, we would like to reassure our customers that our plan is to continue to operate all of our services as normal, within the restrictions and advice provided by the government.

Our Staff

Due to advice from the government, all our members of staff are now working from home, our IT systems and software allow us to be able to do.

Both our phone systems and our helpdesk software are cloud based allowing us to operate our support desks as normal and without any expected interruption.

All our staff have the technology they need to fulfil their roles, and to still provide the highest level of service to our customers and suppliers during this period.

Visitors & Deliveries

For the foreseeable future, visits to our offices won’t be going ahead due to the government lockdown. We will be using video conferencing for all meetings when we can to keep customers safe and healthy, plus keeping you supported.

If deliveries to our offices are expected these should be prearranged and a single member of staff will be available to collect any deliveries made, adhering to all social distancing measures.