Extend Opera II’s functionality to allow for increased decimal places and enhanced stock deletion

KC Utility Pack

Customise stock functionality within your accounts package.

Simple Stock Forecasting & Ordering Software for Pegasus & Exchequer

The KC Utility Pack includes two elements of customisation which add new functionality to Pegasus Opera II & Opera 3 to improve the management of stock.

The utilities included in the pack are the Stock Profile Changer and Stock Delete. The routine performed by the Stock Profile Changer allows users to increase a stock profile’s decimal places. Please note, this routine only allows an increase on decimal places, not a reduction as this can lead to rounding issues within the data files.

Stock Delete provides users with the ability to delete a range of stock items (either by stock code or stock group) which have not had a transaction movement on them within a given period of time, or are no longer required for reporting purpose.

  • Add functionality to Pegasus Opera II’s stock control
  • Improves levels of detail within stock profiles
  • Increase the number of decimal places in a stock profile
  • Delete a range of stock items by stock code or stock group
  • Adds bespoke style customisations with a single module
  • Fully integrated with Pegasus Opera II

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