A quick and simple way for companies to enter Sales Orders (SO) in Exchequer

KC Mail Order

KC Mail Order module is of particular benefit to companies selling directly to the public where they wish to create a new account for each individual.

Speed Up The Process Of Creating Sales Orders In Exchequer

With KC Mail Order Sales Ledger accounts can be quickly created with integration to ‘Quick Address’ which allows for the postcode of a new customer to be entered which will then automatically populate the fields required for a new account. Integration with TNS also allows for credit card payments to be taken over the phone whilst the Sales Order is being raised.

Both the Sales Orders and credit card payments are then posted to Exchequer ledgers.

Whilst credit card payments are only taken for available stock, back orders can be raised in Exchequer for un-available stock.

  • Take telephone orders quickly and easily
  • Speeds up the process of creating sales orders
  • Enter new sales ledger accounts using postcode lookup software
  • Take and authorise credit card payments over the phone
  • All details from sales are posted to Exchequer
  • Raise back orders for un-available stock

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