Synchronise your eCommerce website with your accounting software & globalise your market place

KC eCommerce Link

KC eCommerce Link is a multi-channel eCommerce software makes linking your eCommerce shopping cart to your accounting software system easier than ever before.

Link Your Website, App or Service To Your Accounts Software

Empower your business to reach new markets, streamline business processes and share business data securely with KC eCommerce Link.

In a world of apps, the Internet and touch devices, connecting with other services and collaborating leads to new, untold opportunity for your business – and KC eCommerce Link is a simple way to do just that: make the link.

Maybe you’re opening a new website, having an app developed or want to link with an industry specific service? KC eCommerce Link is the key to making your business data accessible. Whatever your business requirements are online, linking your in-house business software can provide new possibilities, greater opportunity and increased customer service.

KC eCommerce Link unlocks your business data, and creates a secure, seamless loop between your business software and your new business venture.

Talk to a specialist to discuss how KC eCommerce Link could connect your business to the rest of the world.

  • Synchronise sales, stock & customer data with your website / platform / app
  • Link to any 3rd party website or service
  • Increase your web sales, save time and reduce human errors
  • Access new markets, customers and business insight
  • Link your business software to your eCommerce website
  • Increase the visibility of data throughout multiple systems
  • Capitalise on a simple business enablement tool
  • Instantly update product, stock and customer data across multiple systems, providing a greater level of visibility of data across your business – on demand
  • Efficient stock control through one reference stock file, over any number of linked systems
  • Take advantage of 3rd party systems rather than paying for expensive bespoke software or customisation

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