Give your credit control team the power to manage all of their tasks within a single system

KC Credit Pursuit

KC Credit Pursuit credit control software provides personal task lists, which allow each individual operator to ensure that all calls are actioned, all disputes are dealt with promptly and all outstanding debts are chased.

Manage Your Debt-Chasing & Credit Control Directly Linked To You Accounts Software

Credit control is intrinsically linked to cash flow in a business, and cash flow (or lack of it) is one of the main reasons business fail. Understanding and improving your cash flow is essentially business 101 and that’s where KC Credit Pursuit can help.

KC Credit Pursuit integrates with your in-house business or accounting software to facilitate, enhance and automate your credit control requirement. No longer will you have to write-off bad debt – with KC Credit Pursuit you can take back your money more easily and profile your customers to limit credit risk.

Every business has a credit control requirement and every business can benefit from being in control of their cash flow and reducing their average debtor days. Credit pursuit provides fundamental credit control facilities to companies lacking a credit controller and offers the power of automation and integration facilities for those that do.

Talk to us to find out how KC Credit Pursuit can save you from losing money – guaranteed.

  • Increase cash flow.
  • Automate debt chasing.
  • Reduce your average debtor days.
  • Proactive credit control.
  • Increased available cash to your business.
  • Profile customers into credit-worthiness and make more informed decisions
  • Reduce bad debt and keep your money in your own bank account
  • Get up-to-the-minute feedback on customer queries through your in-house accounting software
  • Super-quick ROI for the KC Credit Pursuit software from saved bank account interest over a comparative period
  • Save time at each stage with automation and shared information

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