KC BOM Bill of Materials software will give you perfect management and accounting control even in the most testing manufacturing situations.

Whether working with a single level of construction or operating in a multi-level sub-assembly environment, KC BOM provides a structured approach and a range of easy to use features that can be customised to your requirements.

With up to 99 assembly level structures, our Bill of Materials software can be customised to work in line with almost any manufacturing or assembly process. It comes with support for phantom assemblies, component effectivity dates, and allows for components, labour, materials and overhead costings within the system. KC BOM also comes with a key component indicator for trial kitting and a cost build-up routine for the recalculation of assemblies.

Many manufacturing businesses work with part lists and KC BOM has all the necessary facilities to create, define and maintain lists of stock items. Multiple levels of parts can be displayed simultaneously with all relevant data for their usage at subassembly and component levels. A wide range of reports can also be generated, including parts listings, where used list, kitting list, trial kitting, sales order & quotations trial kitting and sales order explosion.


  • Manage all types of BOM with up to 99 Assembly Structure levels
  • Allocate assembly component parts as a Sales Order detail line in SOP
  • Batch/Serial Tracking and Operation code breakdown
  • In-built reports with full structure analysis
  • Build and maintain simple or complex part lists
  • Easily and quickly re-cost an entire bill

Integrates With

  • Pegasus Opera II
  • Pegasus Opera 3


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