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Disaster Recovery

Could your business start again? Whether it’s flood, fire or theft – disasters at work are not uncommon. The good news is that with a Disaster Recovery Plan, you can not only minimise the downtime in the event of such a disaster – but everyone has a clear understanding of how to get back up and running in the shortest time.

A Disaster Recovery Plan specifies where key information about your business is located and the steps necessary to piece it back together. We not only help you put your plan together, but we can guarantee a turn-around time from the opening of the call.



Download The Cloud as a platform guide

This Microsoft Guide for small and medium businesses will help you understand what moving to the Cloud is all about, and how it could benefit your company.

Data Backup

With our data backup solutions and policies, you’ll have lost minimal data in the event of a disaster.

IT Support & Installations

As a leading IT partner, we can offer both installation and support of your IT infrastructure at a Microsoft Gold Certified level.



1 hour response time
8 hour fix time

+ All system critical issues are escalated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked by people visiting our website. If you have any other queries that are not answered please contact us.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a document that describes the agreed procedure and necessary actions to restore you business and allow work to continue in the event of a disaster.

This plan specifies everything and removes ambiguity in the most hectic of moments. Every second your business is unable to function the more difficult it can be to come back.

Typically, the plan will state the contact details of people involved such as, the person who looks after your backup media or the license numbers of your software. The more granular your plan is the less time you’ll lose in the event of a disaster. The details could involve contacts for locksmiths, glazers and other tradesmen that you use, plus other 3rd parties that support your business in various ways. This time saved could be anything from hours to days, to weeks, to potentially months.

The actual question is – how quickly do you need to restore your data?

This is because the necessary systems to restore your data will change depending on how long you can afford to be with out it. If your company data is mission-critical then restoring this becomes highest priority.

This forms the basis of your Disaster Recovery Plan.

To give you some perspective, most companies use backup tapes as a means of backing up their data, with a nightly, weekly and monthly rotation policy. This is commonplace and good-practice. However – have you ever actually had to restore a company from a backup device? Restoring one set of backups can take from 4 hours after the restore has been initiated – on the matched hardware that created the backup, on the actual servers that run the software.

Now, what if the backup fails?

What if the servers are damaged or the install disks for a legacy piece of software that your business relies on are scratched?

In most cases, this is not the case. And in almost all cases a restore is possible – but it’s the time that is the most important variable. As you can imagine the less time required, the more expensive the restore solution would be, so your Disaster Recovery Plan will ask questions about your business where the answer can only be determined after considering the potential costs related with the worst possible outcome.

Without one, you have literally no idea of the time necessary to restore your company to a minimal working order in the event of a disaster. This could be the difference between you staying afloat or closing the doors for good.

With no priority formally agreed, you could end up restoring less important systems first which could lead to your business spending huge sums of money and costing the reputation or your customers.

A Disaster Recovery Plan forms a contract between your business and your IT partner – plus anyone else involved in the recovery process. Clear guidelines on the process and steps to be taken, specific up-to-date contact information and details of where important information can be found allows all parties to act as quickly as possible and get you back up and running in the timescales agreed.

Typical plans for a small business will cost in the region of £1000-£2000. This would normally be reviewed annually and prices would change due to the scale, scope and complexity of the formulation of the plan and your business IT network.


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