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KC Bookings

KC Booking resource booking software allows for EPOS till operators to select from the resources available (such as rooms, staff, equipment, etc) when taking new bookings, before taking payment at the till for the selected service.

Each resource can be assigned details which show its availability, rates and working/non-working times and the in-built conflict detection feature prevents any booking being made if the required resource is not available. Once booked into the diary bookings can be viewed by day, week, month or year and are colour coded for easy management. Operators, given the correct permissions, can then view, edit or cancel appointments and trigger the appropriate emails to customers if required.

KC Booking room booking software can manage both individual and group bookings and can also store the details of customers for loyalty scheme purposes as well as integrating with a range of accounts packages to synchronise customer and pricing formats.

Instant Access to Data

Instant access to booking enquiries from customers which can be adapted quickly and easily..

No Duplication of Data

No duplication of customer data of customer data and special pricing through the full accounts integration.

Departments Review

Compare performances across a areas of the business to see which is performing better than others.

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