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What would you do if disaster struck?

Flood, fire, or theft can stop a business dead without contingency planning. What would you do if your business were hit by a natural disaster? Do you have a Business Continuity Plan? You should. Kamarin Computers can help you create and implement one that prevents a drama from becoming a crisis.

Business Continuity, IT Installations & Cyber Security Solutions from Kamarin Computers.

Our IT Business Continuity Services Feature

Detailed Documentation

We’ll help you prioritise network elements for restoring.

Restore Testing

We’ll perform a ‘Live Restore’ exercise, so you’re confident with the procedure.

Replication Site

All your files stored in another place, ensuring peace of mind.

Alternative Working Space

Premises uninhabitable? We’ll get you up and running somewhere else.

Data Backup

We’ll make sure the lost data isn’t the only copy.

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Setting the standard for how everyone in your business views and uses IT.

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