Sage Live

A single real-time source of information so you can look ahead and more efficiently manage your business

Run your business on your terms with Sage Live.

Sage Live is a real-time accounting solution built on Salesforce. Connect your front and back office in one cloud for greater efficiency, insight and collaboration.

  • Focus on things that matter by eliminating low-value tasks.
  • Act at the right time with real-time information.
  • Connect all you business and use an integrated solution.
  • Expand your business beyond walls and go mobile, social – and even global.

Sage Live combines the performance of the world’s best real-time accounting engine and the marketing-leading Salesforce1 Cloud platform.


30+ years in business

#1 SMB management software

3,000,000 SMB customers

48,500 accountants using and recommending Sage

20,000 partners



15+ years in business

#1 CRM software and cloud platform for applications

3,000,000 SMB subscribers

95,000 SMB customers

3,000 ISVs partners on the APPExchange

Did You Know?

The average business owner spends 52 hours a week just keeping up with their admin.


With Sage Live you’ll save time. Tons of it.
So you can spend it on the important things.

Like taking a break every now and again.