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Fixed Asset Software

KC Fixed Assets uses a multiple tab view so that the respective information is split across different tabs when adding, editing or viewing assets for easier navigation and viewing.

With our fixed asset software, each user can be set up with appropriate security rights to ensure your details are only available to those who require them.

If an asset is generated from a purchase invoice then the original details can be viewed from within the Fixed Asset software register. Once all of the required details have been entered against an asset then the asset can be activated and be ready for use in the register.

Each asset can hold a range of information against it including details relating to the depreciation method and details relating to finance and leasing. Five user definable fields, a memo tab and an optional image can also be attached for even more detail.

KC Fixed Assets also allows you to generate Nominal Journal entries which deal with all deprecation and disposals.

A variety of reports are also available within the fixed asset software, which include: Asset Information, Audit Trail, Disposal Report, Depreciation Report and Depreciation Forecast Report.

  • Manage all Fixed Assets and details in a single location
  • Group Assets by categories
  • Deal with the disposal and revaluation of assets
  • Facility to record supplier, vehicle and finance information
  • Run a re-organise routine for maintenance purposes
  • Create opening balances and view asset history
  • Export Fixed Asset details to Microsoft Excel
  • Creation of Nominal Journals from KC Fixed


KC Fixed Assets Brochure

Download the KC Fixed Assets brochure to find out more about our solution for Opera II, Opera 3 and Exchequer.

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